Kate Hudson Works Out with a Water Weight as She Tries to 'Wake Up' Her Body After 3 Kids

The 42-year-old actress is working with a new trainer and trying out more difficult exercises because her body "wasn't powering the way I like!"

Tornado warning! Kate Hudson is trying out a gravity-defying — and challenging — new exercise.

The 42-year-old actress is on a mission to "wake up" her body and started working with a new trainer to ramp up her workouts after three pregnancies. Along the way, she's been sharing videos of all the different exercises that trainer Brian Nguyen has her doing, including one that has her spinning a water weight — called a Hydro Core — around her head like a tornado.

"This gives 'staying centered' a whole new meaning for me 😜 First time taking this for a ride, definitely not the last 🌪," Hudson captioned the video, where she does dozens of spins with the weight before exhaustedly throwing it to the ground.

A few of her famous friends chimed in, with Tracee Ellis Ross encouraging Hudson with a "yes yes yes" and Erin Foster commenting, "That looks hard."

Nguyen explained in a post on his Instagram that the movement improves the connection between her core and the rest of her body.

"Check out Kate's movement in this tornado drill while she digs for speed: her core is fighting for more integrity (stability) while her mobile joints (hips and shoulders) seem to unlock more with every turn!" he said.

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A few days earlier, Hudson shared another glimpse of her workout with a post about improving her push-up technique, a movement that she said is "always challenging for me."

"Sway back, get in my shoulders, hard to activate core for me," she said. "I love seeing bodies pop off push ups like it's nothing. One motion and so purty! And takes a lot of prep and effort. Hats off to you out there who work so hard to get there. So amazing! SO HARD!!!! 💪💫"

And in another post, Hudson did intense core movements with resistance bands to work her abs.

"She's starting to wake up!" the Almost Famous star captioned the post, referring to her body. "Carried 3 babies who did a number on these hips and shoulders! Ladies! We carry our beautiful children ALL DAY LONG (literally AND figuratively) and forget to balance it out. Time to balance that SH#! OUT!"

Hudson had explained in June that she wanted to change up her workouts after growing frustrated with a lack of results.

"My body always snapped back pretty fast after babies. Food is 80% of the process always BUT I realized she wasn't powering the way I like!" she said of her body. "I was quite athletic when I was younger and she hasn't been responding to my usual."

Hudson said that working with Nguyen is tough, but doing the trick.

"I said…F--- IT and I called on a master to wake her ass up! And that's exactly what he's doing," she said. "And it's HARD. And it's every day. I'm basically 'in season' and I love it. Don't know why I waited so long to push her this hard! Let's see what she (my body 😉) can do at 42."

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