Kate Hudson Shares How She Tones Her Butt (and It Looks Pretty Intense!)

Kate Hudson shared a photo from her Pilates workout on Instagram

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Kate Hudson is kicking off the weekend with a workout.

The actress, 37, shared a photo from her Friday Pilates session on Instagram, in which she holds onto bars with her body suspended and her legs in straps. Wearing only a sports bra and leggings, Hudson showcases her toned back — and backside.

“Pilates day,” Hudson captioned the photo, adding “#BackDetail” and a wink face and peach emoji.

She also tagged her long-time trainer, Nicole Stuart, whom she has been working with for over 15 years.

Earlier this month, Hudson shared posts from her pole dancing workout, as well as a rainy day hike with pal Nicole Richie.

Hudson previously talked to PEOPLE about how she stays motivated to work out — and said it’s about so much more than just looking a certain way.

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“People make excuses, ‘Oh, it’s genetics or this or that.’ I’m not talking about aesthetics, I’m actually talking about health,” Hudson said. “You can have aesthetic goals, that’s one piece of the puzzle. You can see images of men or women and say, ‘Oh, that’s my goal, that’s what I’d like to look like some day.’ But that’s not going to get you there in a way that embodies and encompasses what it is to really feel strong mentally and physically.”

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