Kate Hudson: 'I Work Out All the Time'

The Fool's Gold star was camera-ready in her bikini because she's so active

Photo: INF

Why wasn’t Kate Hudson worried about spending so much screen time in a bikini for Fool’s Gold?

“I’ve danced my whole life,” Hudson, 28, tells the U.K.’s Total Film magazine in its April issue. “I work out all the time and I’m not worried about being totally perfect.”

Besides, she says of the movie, which costars Matthew McConaughey: “[My character is] a diver, so I’m not wearing this tiny string bikini; they’re more the Speedo-type bikini – you know, the ones that cover pretty much everything.”

For the record, the diving in the film is real – and hers, she says. “I got certified [for scuba] on the Great Barrier Reef! I carry my certificate around with me in my wallet. Matthew got certified in five seconds, but it took me a couple of weeks.”

On the topic of her costar, who is soon to become a father, Hudson says, “Matthew has one of those very youthful spirits that some people might call crazy, others call it a blast. He’s one of those people that sometimes drive you crazy, the ones with those ‘out there’ personalities, but I have the same kind of thing so I think we appreciate it in each other. Matthew just wants to have a good time and that’s why I can connect with him.”

School and Shooting Schedules

Hudson, who’s mother to 4-year-old Ryder, says having her son in school won’t necessarily mean an end to films with long shoots in distant locales (Fool’s Gold was a five-month shoot in Australia).

“I grew up in a working family and my children will do the same,” Hudson says. “Once we hit ninth grade then my parents thought, ‘Right, you’re in school and if we’ve got to work, we’ll come home every two weeks.’ Up until then we were always traveling with our parents, so I’ll do the same thing with Ryder.”

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