Kate Hudson practices Kundalini yoga with Guru Jagat
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What do Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys and Kelly Rutherford have in common?

They all practice Kundalini yoga — an ancient yoga practice that incorporates meditation, chanting and breathing exercises — with Guru Jagat, a Los Angeles-based senior teacher.

“I have had the pleasure of practicing with Guru Jagat, and Kundalini has been one of my favorite forms of meditation and yoga practice,” Hudson, 37, tells PEOPLE. “Guru Jagat has a beautiful way of bringing a youthful and accessible approach to an ancient practice, and her mission to bring more people into this movement of reaching a collective higher consciousness.”

Rutherford credits Jagat with helping her get through tough times and challenges in her personal life.

“The meditation, breathing and focus helps to calm,” the actress, 48, tells PEOPLE. “The practice builds trust with yourself and attunes you to a feeling of love, forgiveness and compassion.”

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Now, Jagat is sharing some of her best health and well being tips in her new book, Invincible Living, which shares how Kundalini techniques can be used to slow the aging process, jumpstart metabolism, boost mood, reduce stress and increase creativity.

Here are four of her best tips for keeping calm at the office office — no yoga mat required:

To have an effective meeting with your boss:
“When you talk with your boss, especially if he is male, look at his third eye, the area on his forehead right between the eyebrows,” says Jagat. “Pulse and project a positive message right there. That’s going straight to his pituitary gland and it will be an effective way to get across what you want to say.”

To instantly calm down:
“Take off your shoes under your desk and allow your feet to touch the ground. When you place your bare feet on the ground, each one of your 72,000 nerve fibers uptakes the electromagnetic pulse of the earth, which makes you instantly calmer. You can quickly self-sooth and switch gears.”

To relieve everyday stress:
“Practice the short healthy, happy, holy breath: Inhale through the nose and suspend the breath. Silently repeat the mantra, ‘Healthy am I, Happy am I, Holy am I’ three times. As you exhale, repeat the mantra out loud three times. You’ll need to have your index finger and thumb tip touching. You will be reaching your hypothalamus through the use of your lips, tongue and vocal chords. This directly changes the frequency where your adrenals release stress hormones.”

To relieve extreme stress:
“Duck into the bathroom and massage the inside of your armpits with cold water for one to three minutes. This gets to the exact spot on your body where your three nervous systems meet. It’s a place where toxins and stress cause blockages. The massage will give you an instant burst of energy and positive feelings.”