Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares That She Has 'Hormonal Depression': I 'Struggle with Mental Health'

The former Bachelorette said that the depression she deals with when she's on her period puts her in "shameful spirals" and affects her relationship with fiancé Jason Tartick

kaityln bristowe
Kaitlyn Bristowe. Photo: kaitlyn bristowe/ instagram

Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed that she deals with depression and panic attacks that crop up when she's on her period, and she's hoping that she's not alone.

The former Bachelorette, 36, decided to "have a little unfiltered moment and talk mental health" on her Instagram page after having a tough day.

"I wanted to take a break from my glam shots, filtered photos, trips and my tour, to let you know I also struggle with mental health," Bristowe wrote.

The Dancing with the Stars champion said that she often has hormonal depression, also referred to as menstrually-related mood disorders. According to UNC Health, "menopause and cycles of menstruation are time of intense hormonal fluctuation that can cause increased vulnerability to depression."

"Today I am struggling and it's NO surprise that I'm on my period," she said. "I have hormonal depression like a MF. It puts my relationship through hard times, it puts me in shameful spirals, and I just sat on a 5 hour flight talking myself out of a panic attack."

Bristowe said that she loves that she gets to "live a life full of adventure," but there are days where it takes a toll.

"Hormones are the devil and they are stronger than me," she said. "I just wanna crawl into my own bed and cry today. But I have no time."

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Bristowe asked her followers if they, too, deal with depression around their menstrual cycle.

"Does anyone else suffer from hormonal depression? I used to think I was bat s--- CRAZY, and I never put two and two together that it was always around the same time," she said, before telling her followers to share their experiences in the comments, which filled up with women sharing similar stories.

The reality star frequently shares her experiences with mental health on social media, and said in 2020 that before going on The Bachelor, she battled an addiction to Valium. Bristowe is no longer on Valium and now has a few coping mechanisms to manage her anxiety.

Talking about one anxiety attack in Nov. 2019, Bristowe said that it "left me laying on the floor this one night in my house, not wanting to even talk to Jason until it passed. I felt my anxiety coming on — immediately went looking for my dog, Ramen, who is really the only one that keeps me calm when I experience being close to a panic attack and when I feel that pain or heat in my chest."

She also likes "essential oils, reading good news and calm music" to help her get through anxiety, Bristowe said in April.

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