Kaitlyn Bristowe Cheekily Shows Off Her Cellulite in a Swimsuit: 'We All Have It'

The newly-engaged former Bachelorette is feeling "CelluLIT" in an Instagram video

Kaitlyn Bristowe is feeling "celluLIT" and proud of her body.

The former Bachelorette happily showed off her cellulite as she danced with a friend in a tiger-print swimsuit in an Instagram video.

Grooving to "Wiggle" by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg, Bristowe, 35, turns her butt to the camera and makes her cellulite fully visible in time to the song as she and her friend laugh.

"Wait for the schwinggg…. #CelluLIT #WeAllHaveIt" she added in the caption.

The newly-engaged Bristowe has long made her feelings about her body clear on Instagram. In 2018, she slammed commenters who tried to body shame her and accused her of being too thin.

"I dare any one of you sad psychopath narcissists to say to my face what you say about me on Instagram photos. See what happens," she wrote. "F— off telling me my healthy body looks sick. You're the sick ones. I've had enough. Your words don't hurt me, they piss me off."

And Bristowe added that the comments are sadly nothing new for her, after years of bullying in school.

"I used to wear baggy sweaters in school cuz I'd get bullied about my skinny arms. You're telling me I still have to hear it from grown women?" she tweeted. "Do yourself a favor and go to the [Facebook] page I created for women to compliment each other. Learn from them. They're what's right in the world."

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Last year, Bristowe gained a new appreciation for her body as she prepared to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Prior to winning it all and taking home the mirror ball trophy, Bristowe was "reading, meditating, resting, working out, lifting heavy, Pilates, boxing, going to physical therapy for mobility and strength, getting sports massages, dry needling," she said in August.

The entire experience helped her "mental and physical health," she said.

"You guys know I never post body pics but I'm proud," Bristowe posted on Instagram.

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