Julia Roberts, PEOPLE's 2017 Most Beautiful Woman, shares her food diary and a peak into what she really eats in a day


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Julia Roberts focuses on eating healthy, protein-packed meals to keep her full during the day — but she has a weakness around cookies.

“I love a good cookie!” the actress tells PEOPLE, who named her the 2017 Most Beautiful Woman.

The star also loves pasta, and will often swap out her chicken at lunch for some noodles. “Why is everybody scared of pasta? Pasta never did anything to you,” she jokes. “Don’t be mean to pasta.”

But before she goes for the sweets or Italian favorites, Roberts starts out the day with a hearty breakfast, typically with eggs. Read on for the rest of her food diary, and for more on Roberts and the other women of the year, pick up a copy of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.



Water throughout the day


Sourdough toast


Egg over easy



Coconut water


Salad with grilled chicken


Wild salmon


Brown rice



Chocolate-chip cookie

Roberts insists her healthy habits aren’t about looks, and that beauty isn’t a main focus for her and her family. “I think as long as everybody smells good and has a smile on their face, that’s a beauty regime!”