John Legend Is 'Trying to Drink Less' Since Wife Chrissy Teigen Went Sober: 'Do It in Moderation'

"I feel like I can do it in moderation, but I'm also mindful that if I overdo it, it's going to have negative effects on my body, including my sleep," the singer tells PEOPLE

John Legend
John Legend. Photo: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

John Legend is cutting back on alcohol as he focuses on his self-care.

The 43-year-old singer spoke to PEOPLE about his new sleep content with Headspace and revealed all that goes into staying rejuvenated and focused — starting with a good night's rest.

Legend says he's definitely mastered his self-care habits over the years and while it may be difficult for the EGOT star to keep a consistent schedule when he's on the go for work, he tries to keep his nightly routine with wife Chrissy Teigen intact.

Legend says he and the Cravings: All Together cookbook author, 36 — with whom he tied the knot in 2013 — end their nights by watching their "guilty pleasures" on TV and putting on some sort of "calming" audio to play overnight.

And while his wife tends to go for a late-night sandwich, Legend says he sometimes opts for a glass of wine before hitting the sheets, though he has limited his drinking since Teigen began her sobriety journey.

"I'm definitely trying to drink less," the singer tells PEOPLE. "There are times when I don't drink at all, like I don't really drink when I'm on tour so there are times where I go long stretches without drinking. And then even when I'm off tour, I try to do it in moderation."

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"And then Chrissy of course has been sober for over six months now and I'm very proud of her," Legend continues. "She finds that it's healthier and better for her to just not drink at all. For me, I feel like I can do it in moderation, but I'm also mindful that if I overdo it, it's going to have negative effects on my body, including my sleep."

Legend stresses that getting enough hours of sleep can impact several aspects of his life, which is why the musician recently partnered with Headspace to narrate a sleepcast and curate an eight-hour sleep playlist to promote self-care and mindfulness.

"Headspace does a really good job of finding what people need for their own self-care and for their own mental health," Legend explains. "And I think we can really help people get a good night's sleep with our sleepcast, with the music we've chosen, and helping people focus on taking care of themselves and preparing themselves for their day."

"It's funny because I'm naturally a pretty calm and mellow person. But for the sleepcast, they want you to even talk quieter and slower, so I'm at my most relaxed in the sleepcast," he added of recording the narration.

Celebs at home John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Tea Party
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen with daughter Luna and son Miles. Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Along with his own self-care, The Voice coach has also tried to introduce a nightly routine and good sleeping habits to their children, daughter Luna Simone, 5, and son Miles Theodore, 3.

Legend says he and Teigen try to be "good parents" by getting their kids to bed at a decent hour with a good bedtime story — which he admits doesn't always work.

"Usually, by the time we're into like the second and third book, they're falling asleep," he shares. "But Luna sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night and, you know, tell us 'I can't sleep. Can I come sleep with you guys?' And it's the hardest thing that we've got to tell her no and go back to her bedroom."

Legend adds, "​​She's usually a pretty good sleeper but yeah she does like to check in on Mommy and Daddy every once in a while when she's getting lonely."

Legend — who previously released music content with Headspace — explains that not only does sleep get him mentally and physically ready for the day, it's vital for his successful career as well.

"It might be the ultimate self-care. I can't sing if I don't get enough sleep," the 12-time Grammy winner says. "I sometimes come up with melodies and songs in my head when I'm asleep. I'll dream of them and then try to wake up and remember them enough to sing into my phone."

Though not every musical dream comes to fruition, Legend assures he's focusing on what he needs to do for himself in order to "be my best self."

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