Jessie James Decker Shares Bikini Photo as She Gets Candid About Her Fitness Regime: 'I Hate Working Out'

"I'm one of those girls that watches the clock and counts down to the last second when I can be done," the country singer shared

Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker.

Jessie James Decker is working on her fitness — even if she sometimes doesn't enjoy it.

The country singer, 32, got candid about her workout regime in an Instagram post on Monday. Alongside a picture of herself rocking a turquoise bikini from her Kittenish swimwear line, Jessie wrote, "Gonna be honest... I hate working out. I dread it."

"I’m one of those girls that watches the clock and counts down to the last second when I can be done," she shared. "I wish I enjoyed it. I wish I was a big workout junkie but the truth is I just don’t!"

However, Jessie understands that "in order to achieve The strong body that I want to have and maintain I MUST put the hard work into it." For her, that means finding workouts that she likes in order to keep motivated in the gym.

Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker. Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

"As far as work outs I’ll be real, I hate running so I don’t do much of that," she explained. "I do enjoy lifting weights and quick circuit training. I love the stairmaster, I love nice long walks (lunges are key, I do 100 at a time). I work out a few times a week and usually no more than 40 minutes time."

Jessie added that the "biggest factor" is nutrition and "making sure whatever I’m putting in my body is going to make me feel strong and energized."

She went on to tease that she's included some of her favorite recipes in her upcoming cookbook, Just Feed Me: Simply Delicious Recipes from My Heart to Your Plate.

"I have an ENTIRE chapter on what I eat in a day and recipes to share with you on what it is I eat on a daily basis to maintain," she shared. "It’s high protein low carbs and these recipes are absolutely delicious that you won’t even feel like you’re watching your fitness!!!"

Jessie — who shares sons Forrest Bradley, 2, and Eric Thomas II, 5, and daughter Vivianne Rose, 6, with husband Eric Decker — previously got real about her body image when she opened up about her "insecurity" after welcoming three children.

"I’ll be honest I still get insecure when I put a swimsuit on sometimes because of how much loose skin I have from my pregnancies,” she shared on her Instagram in March, alongside a bikini photo. “I worked really hard to lose all of my baby weight. Even gaining 55 pounds with my first. It’s no wonder I have so much loose skin two out of the three babies were 9 pounds 😬.”

While the "Lights Down Low" songstress “was one of those lucky ducks who didn’t get one stretch mark because genetically I have super elastic skin,” she said that “because of my big babies and gaining so much I was left with extremely loose skin.”

Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker. Jessie James Decker/Instagram. Inset: J. Kempin/Getty

“I’ve had a few breast reduction surgeries and lifts to try to tighten up the skin on my breasts (at one point the skin was so loose from growing to a size G from breastfeeding that I swear they could hit my belly button no joke) but now I have been left with really intense scars all the way around my cleavage that I try to hide out of insecurity,” Jessie explained.

“I am a human being and sometimes the loose skin does make me a little insecure and make me wonder if I’m still sexy to Eric or if people are looking at my stomach when I’m in a bikini which I’m sure sounds silly but it’s just me being in my head sometimes.”

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