Jessie J Slams Comments About Her Weight After Someone Asks If She's Pregnant: 'Not Cool'

The singer pointed out that it's especially rude to ask if she's pregnant after she spoke openly about having a miscarriage last year: "So strange and damn bold"

Jessie J
Jessie J. Photo: Bruce Glikas/WireImage

Jessie J is making it clear that she doesn't want people to make comments about her body — or about anyone else's.

The "Bang Bang" singer, 34, posted a lengthy message on her Instagram Story to shut down any further opinions about her weight.

"Stop commenting on people's weight. Anyone. Just stop. Or telling someone they look pregnant for sure. Or you look skinny. Just anything. Just stop," Jessie J wrote on Thursday, E! News reported. "I see it so much on socials and I know it happens in real life."

The British artist, born Jessica Cornish, explained that she has gained weight — and it doesn't matter.

"I have gained 10 lbs. in the past 6 months and I feel great," she said. "It might stay or it might not or I might gain more. Who cares?! I don't care as long as I feel good and I'm healthy."

Jessie J, who openly shared last November that she had a miscarriage, said that she's shockingly been asked if she's pregnant.

"Someone literally just asked me if I was pregnant. 'You look pregnant.' And they also knew of what I went through last year and told me their thoughts on that and how I should of handled it," she said. "So strange and damn bold. I would never."

"Not cool to just say or comment on anyone's body," she continued. "Unless they/I tell you or ask your opinion it's not one that's needed or helpful. Wild that some people don't know that. Phew."

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Jessie J frequently shares glimpses of her life and thoughts like this on social media, so when she had her miscarriage in November, she posted about it on Instagram just hours later. Reflecting on that decision in December, the "Easy on Me" singer said she regretted her choice.

"I posted about losing my baby just hours after I was told. I reacted in work mode. It's safe to say I sometimes pour more energy into creating an unhealthy process of my own pain in front of a camera, than I do acknowledging it behind one in real time," she wrote on Instagram.

"Truth is, I just needed to f---ing cry and fall into someone's arms and sob. But at the time I was alone. I hadn't processed anything. Nor did I have any idea what I was about to go through not just emotionally but physically after this show."

Jessie J expressed her love for anyone who has gone through a miscarriage.

"I guess I'm here to say to anyone who may not have been told this, you are allowed to be broken," she said. "You are allowed to cry. Allowed to be weak. Allowed to be exhausted from the pain and the bleeding and the grief that barely has space to exist. You are allowed to do this however YOU need to."

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