Jessica Simpson Celebrates Getting In Her 12,000 Steps for the Day

Jessica Simpson started off her Monday by walking her 12,000 steps for the day

Ladies and Gentlemen: Start your stepcounters.

Jessica Simpson is already ahead of the game, and logged her 12,000 steps for the day on Monday. The singer and fashion designer shared a photo from her daily walk on Instagram.

“12,000 Steps ✔ #HappyMonday,” Simpson, 37, wrote.

The mom of two is known for her incredibly toned legs, and said in 2015 that the Simpson/Johnson clan often goes on walks together.

“I walk three miles a day,” she previously told PEOPLE. “Eric [Johnson, her husband] and I love taking the kids out for long walks in the neighborhood. And chasing them around our yard is a workout all its own!”

Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Jessica Simpson

Simpson, who designs an athleisure line for Macy’s, said that exercising is part of her daily to-do list.

“Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me, and fitness has been a priority in my life since having my kids,” she said.

Simpson gets her workouts in with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, and often focuses on leg movements.

“We alternate exercises every third day,” Teri Ann Krefting, a trainer who works for Harley Pasternak, told PEOPLE in 2014. “So we’ll do squats and lunges one day for quadriceps, deadlifts or glute raises to tighten the butt and hamstrings the next day, and then plie squats, which are good for inner thighs.”

They’ll also do an hour of cardio four to five times a week.

“She walks on an incline, which helps her calves” Krefting said. “And she’s obviously genetically gifted with those legs!”

But one question still remains — is she wearing Vibram shoes on her walks like her husband?

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