Jessica Biel Talks Women's Health Issues and Body Image: 'Vaginas Are Magical Things'

The actress hosted a Reddit AMA with activist Saundra Pelletier for their WomanCare Global "Then Who Will?" campaign

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

If there’s one thing Jessica Biel wanted readers to take away from her Reddit AMA on Thursday, it’s the power of vaginas.

The actress hosted the Q&A with activist Saundra Pelletier for their WomanCare Global "Then Who Will?" campaign to encourage women and girls to get educated about their bodies.

At first Biel – who also launched an online sex-ed series with Pelletier – joked that readers should either remember that “vaginas are magical things,” or “that vaginas are weird and scary, and like bleed for 7 days, so they shouldn’t be trusted.”

But the pair got serious about women’s issues when a user asked about the most important advice a mother could give to her child.

“All we have left really, truly in this world that we can control is our own integrity. I don’t mean that like sexual integrity, I mean that as a human being,” said Biel, who welcomed her son with husband Justin Timberlake in April. ” You choose how you live your life, what you deserve. Be good to yourself.”

The new mom also had mixed thoughts when asked about the media’s portrayal of women’s bodies.

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“The media does a lot of really wonderful things to support women and women’s bodies,” she said. “And we can’t discount that, and we’re actively using media to do something amazing, to really talk frankly and openly about women – MY needs, OUR needs, OUR desires.”

“But I think it’s easy for the media to show a prototype of what a women should look like. That’s just not how a women should look – we’re all different, we all have different shapes and sizes. We have all the same issues – we all go through the same thing every day. But we all are completely different,” she added. “I think it’s easy to want to look a certain way, because you see certain things in magazines and that, but the truth is, we’re amazing because we’re different.”

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