How Jessica Alba Got in Ab-tastic Shape for 'Sin City' Sequel

The actress trained with dance instructor Jennifer Johnson to play a stripper in the Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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It’s getting hot in here!

If you’ve seen the trailer for Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, you couldn’t have missed a gyrating Jessica Alba as the steamy, sex-appeal-oozing stripper Nancy Callahan. And in case you were wondering, she didn’t just wake up one day and take to the stripper pole – it was hard work.

For the mom of two, who admits she’s not an "exhibitionist" and considers herself a bit of a “prude,” it took discipline.

Working with dance instructor Jennifer "JJ Dancer" Johnson, who choreographed Alba’s dance sequences in the movie and helped her up the film’s sensuality, Alba did lots of freestyling.

“We just started to move to the music, and we were getting her used to the sensuality and moving around in heels in the beginning,” says Johnson of their studio training sessions, which would last anywhere from two to five hours. “Then we started choreographing routines on her body. She would bring songs, I would bring songs – some were rock, some were sad, some were edgy, but they were all sexy.”

So how, exactly, does one learn to bring on the sexy through dance?

“She would just follow my body,” says Johnson. “I’d have her winding, grinding and moving. We would grab the wall, I’d have her crawling, arching, humping. It got real up in there!”

But there’s much more to it than just following the moves. “She just got the heels – she would wear clothes that showed her body and made her feel sexy. We went there!”

And for those of us who may not be able to spend up to five hours a day honing our stripper moves but still wonder what else contributes to Alba’s ab-tastic body, it’s really nothing more than eating healthily.

“The secret to have a great bod and not having to kill yourself to look good is eating right,” says Johnson. “That s a strong point of Jess’s. She’s motivated nutritionally, and she eats a balanced diet of salads and proteins. If you’re eating right, that s more than half the battle.”

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