Jessica Alba's Honest Company Disinfectant Spray Meets the EPA's Criteria for Use Against Coronavirus

You can get it on Amazon for $7

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Since Clorox wipes and Lysol sprays remain out of stock both online and in stores, many brands have begun to produce their own sanitizing products to help consumers stay safe against coronavirus. Cleaning products are still being added to the Environmental Protection Agency’s list of approved disinfectants, including a new spray from Jessica Alba’s baby and beauty brand, the Honest Company.

The Honest Company Disinfecting Spray is an antibacterial spray that kills 99.9 percent of viruses, including influenza A, rhinovirus, e. coli, listeria, salmonella, MRSA, and more. The spray’s formula, which includes hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, and alkylbenzene sulfonic acid, also meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. In order to properly disinfect, Honest Company disinfectant spray needs to stay on a surface for 10 minutes before being wiped down.

The spray doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, bleach, or fragrances. Plus, it can break down grease as it disinfects. You can find it on Amazon for $7.

The Honest Company Honest Disinfecting Spray

Buy It! Honest Company Disinfecting Spray, $6.99;

Alongside the disinfecting spray, the Honest Company has also recently released hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. The Keepin’ It Clean Alcohol Wipes and Free & Clear Hand Sanitizer both contain over 62 percent ethyl alcohol, which meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s hand hygiene recommendations.

The Honest Company Honest Disinfecting Spray

Buy It! Honest Company Keepin’ It Clean Alcohol Wipes, 3 Pack, $19.99;, Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray, Fragrance Free, $3.79;

Since EPA-approved cleaning products for use against coronavirus tend to be hard to find or sell out once they’re announced, we recommend buying the Honest Company Disinfecting Spray while it’s still in stock.

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