The couple was documenting the pregnancy on the Instagram account Buffalo Quads

By Jason Duaine Hahn
October 01, 2019 05:14 PM

Jeremy White — a sports radio host based in Buffalo, New York — and his wife, Molly, have lost their quadruplets after they were born prematurely, he announced on social media this week.

The couple lost the children over the course of six days late last month, the WGR 550 Radio host explained in a heartbreaking Twitter post on Tuesday.

“Late last Sunday night, Molly started having terrible pains that sent us to the ER at Children’s,” White said in the tweet. “Our efforts to stop pre-term labor fell short, and our quads were all born too early to have a chance at survival.”

“We lost our daughter, Zoe, on Monday. Tuesday, our son Lincoln was born and passed,” he continued. “We had a quiet two days which built some hope that things had stopped, because it was possible that our remaining two boys could stay until an age of viability.”

While they hoped their two remaining babies would survive, the boys were delivered within a day of each other later that weekend.

“Friday morning brought our son, Miles. Saturday morning, our son, Brecken,” White painfully recalled.

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In his Twitter post, White praised the hospital staff. “The care we received was incredible. We couldn’t begin to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff for their commitment and compassion,” he said.

“We know that family and friends will continue to guide us through. We are heartbroken, but feel honored to have seen our babies, and held them,” White continued. “These months with our quads growing have been some of the happiest of our lives. We mourn the family we dreamed of having, and will carry them with us, as long as we live.”

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Since August, the couple has documented their pregnancy journey on the Instagram page Buffalo Quads. Their latest post, from September 22, shows White and Molly holding a gender reveal party just before a Buffalo Bills game.

“TLDR – 3 boys, 1 girl! thanks to everyone for coming and cheering us on!” the caption to the video reads.

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The couple is hoping to raise money for the Western New York Perinatal Bereavement Network, an organization that helps families who experience the loss of a baby.

The group brought comfort to the couple in the short time they spent with their babies, and even provided the children with clothing. They also gave the couple a teddy bear with an audio recording of the babies’ heartbeats.

“We are so thankful for WNY Perinatal Bereavement Network for what they have already done for us,” Molly wrote on the fundraising page, GiveGab. “We know that they didn’t just do this for us; they do it for so many families across WNY. Thank you for all of your support.”