J.Lo and A-Rod Kill It in the Gym in New Workout Video — but She Only Wants Cookies: 'I'm Hungry'

Jennifer Lopez has sugar on her mind during a pre-show workout

J.Lo may be a triple threat who can sing, act and dance — plus she has incredible abs at age 50 — but underneath it all she’s just like the average person, and is desperate for a cookie or cupcake while she’s at the gym.

In a new video on fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s YouTube page, the duo hit up a gym near the Dallas Cowboys’ practice field before Lopez performs her It’s My Party tour that night. The former Yankee, 44, talked about the importance of diet at the start of the video, but Lopez’s mind was trying to get her to stray.

“I want comfort, you know what I mean?” she said. “But that’s like the devil; it’s like the little demons coming to get you. You have to feed yourself better, you know. But after a show I just want a cookie, I want a cupcake, I feel like I’ve just danced for 2 hours so I want something. But I can’t.”

Lopez previously realized that she’s “addicted to sugar” after she painfully gave it up for a 10-day no-sugar, no-carb challenge — and she seems to be sticking to it through her tour dates.

The couple each went through intense workouts — Rodriguez did arm curls, hit the bench press and raced a coworker while pushing a weighted sled, while Lopez did weighted rows, lat pulls and crunches with a weighted plate — but the mom of two was still focused on food.

“I’m hungry. I’m hungry,” she said. “I want to eat some food.”

Still, Lopez pushed through her workout, which she and Rodriguez said has been great for her energy on stage.

“Jennifer has incorporated workouts, activation, pre-hab, not rehab, to prep for a 2½-hour show in front of 25,000 people,” he said.

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“I like working out on show days,” she added. “It’s like my work day. And it opens up my body for the nighttime, so I don’t just go out there stiff, and when I don’t have a show I don’t do anything, I just rest. It makes me feel more confident. I feel strong and ready.”

And Rodriguez said Lopez really is strong — after he lost to his coworker Benny in the weighted sled races, the dad of two said that Benny can beat anyone, except his fiancée.

“She beats everyone,” he said with a smile.

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