Jennifer Aniston Works Out 'How' Many Times A Day? The Actress Dishes On Her Morning Routine

Jennifer Aniston tells Well + Good that her morning ritual includes spinning, yoga, strength training and a yummy power breakfast

Photo: Dan MacMedan/WireImage

Early to rise makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise.

Jennifer Aniston is living proof that eating right, exercising and taking care of your well-being does a body good – and keeps you looking impeccable.

“If I m working, I m up at 4:30, 5 a.m.,” the actress, 47, told Well and Good about jumpstarting her daily ritual. “If not, between 8 and 9 a.m., because I m a late-night person. But usually when I wake up, I ll make my standard cup of hot water with a slice of lemon in there.”

And after washing her face with “just soap and water to wake myself up,” she wastes no time getting herself to her first – yes, first – workout of the day because she doesn t “have time to be leisurely.”

“Then I ll go do a workout of some sort,” says Aniston. “I have a trainer, a wonderful woman who I do this spin-yoga class [with]. We spin for half an hour, and then do yoga for 40 minutes. That s pretty intense.”

But that’s just her warm-up.

“Then I go to a gym, where I do strength training or just my own thing on the treadmill, the bike, or the elliptical, just to change things up,” the Mother’s Day actress says.

She adds, “[It’s] really good to get sprints in, to get in that interval training, because it s monotonous to do one pace. It s good to pump it up and then take it down.”

Now that the “how to get a Jennifer Aniston body” trick is out there for the world to take full advantage of, it’s a good idea to top off the morning with a breakfast that’s just as comparable.

“Usually I ll have a shake, with some sort of pure protein, then bananas, blueberries, frozen cherries, stevia, a vegetable mix of dynamic greens that goes in there, maca powder, and a little cacao,” says Aniston.

She continues, “If I don t have a shake, I ll just have some toast and poached eggs with some avocado. Or millet cereal with almond milk and bananas – it s really yummy, and you can get it hot for winter months.”

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