Jenna Jameson Says She 'Upped' Her Calories in Order to Gain Weight in Her 'Thighs and Booty'

"I love how I look with thick thighs but despise feeling a muffin top," the former adult film star said

Jenna Jameson is sharing another look at how she follows the keto diet.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the former adult film star said that she had recently “upped” her calorie intake in order to gain weight in her thighs.

“It is absolutely possible to gain weight in your thighs and booty without getting a thick midsection,” Jameson, 45, wrote. “Lately I’ve upped my calories just to run a test. I love how I look with thick thighs but despise feeling a muffin top!”

“So I began eating a lot and not restricting my caloric intake,” she continued. “It absolutely worked. My thighs and hips have made themselves known 😆 I avoided tummy bloat by not indulging in unneeded sugar, wasteful carbs and fast food.”

The mother of three also added another tip, sharing that she does her sit-ups and other ab workouts in bed rather than on the floor.

“I have a bad back and I struggle doing normal crunches on the floor, so when [daughter] Batel naps… I do leg raises and crunches in bed and it saves the pain on my sacrum and lower back!” she wrote.

“Moral of the story… super skinny isn’t goals,” Jameson concluded. “Healthy well fed bodies are!!!”

Jameson started the keto diet in March 2018 as a last-ditch effort to lose the baby weight that stuck around for over a year after giving birth to Batel. She’s since lost around 80 lbs., and recently shared her top tips for keto beginners.

Jameson advised cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry to “get rid of everything processed, high in carbohydrates [and] high in sugar.” She also told her followers to pay attention to food labels and exercise patience, because “everyone’s body reacts differently.”

In July, Jameson opened up about getting back on track with keto after “losing control and eating like a crazed banshee.”

“We all do it,” she wrote on Instagram, explaining that these lapses happen to everyone at some point. “There are no exceptions. All the health gurus and fitness badasses do it.”

“For me, it comes in the form of wanting to feel my best,” she continued. “I know I’m not perfect and my will power isn’t iron clad, but I DO know I will never give up! It’s important to know that no matter how long you fall off, you can always jump back on the horse!”

The mom of three went on to share that while it’s alright to feel “discouraged, disappointed and downright pissed” with yourself, it’s important to “channel that into positivity” as you continue to move forward.

“Know that there are so many on this journey along with you!” she added, as she sent love to all of her followers.

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