Jenna Jameson Shares a Snap of Herself in Her Underwear and Tips for Starting the Keto Diet

Since beginning the low-carb, moderate protein and high-fat diet last year, the former adult film star has lost nearly 100 lbs.

Jenna Jameson has some helpful hints for those interested in trying the keto diet.

The former adult film star, who recently returned from a trip to Mexico, opened up in an Instagram post on Tuesday about her suggestions for starting the low-carb, moderate protein and high-fat eating plan, which Jameson has sworn by over the past year.

In her post, which featured a photo of Jameson posing in the mirror wearing yellow underwear and a cropped gray tank top showing off some underboob, she explained that it was not only important to take control of what food is kept in the home but to also have a great support system while following the diet.

Since beginning keto last March, Jameson has lost nearly 100 lbs. The star, 44, first tried it as a last-ditch effort to lose the baby weight that stuck around after she gave birth to her daughter Batel Lu in April 2017.

“Here’s how I started #keto ♥️ I began by reorganizing my refrigerator and pantry,” she wrote in the caption. “I threw away everything that was processed and packaged.”

Jenna Jameson/Instagram

“I starting reading EVERY ingredient in my foods, you’d be sooo surprised how companies hide corn syrup, potato starch and a host of other fillers and sugar in their foods. This is the stuff that sticks to our saddlebags and muffin tops!” she continued.

Jameson then explained how she kept her grocery trips limited to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, where she “focused on buying lots of beautiful produce, grass-fed meats, and wild fish.” She also suggested buying cheeses by the block instead of pre-shredded, due to potato starch content in the packages.

“The shorter the ingredient list the better when it comes to food!” she noted.

To avoid sweet tooth cravings or indulging in take-out, Jameson said she drinks water — except for an occasional Fresca soda — cooks her own food, and keeps her fridge stocked with appetizing options. By doing that, the star said it helps maintain her figure and control what’s entering her body.

Jenna Jameson/Instagram

“I avoid any big companies that label their foods KETO, they are usually scamming you,” she claimed. “Stick to whole foods from Mother Earth 🌍”

In a final note, Jameson encouraged her followers to find a reliable support system and said her partner Lior Bitton was her “biggest cheerleader.”

“Talk to your family, get them on board,” she wrote. “It’s very important you have support from your loved ones… it aids in success!”

On Sunday, Jameson also suggested in a separate Instagram post that her followers take “before” photos to document their journey and progress and clean their kitchens of “garbage processed foods.”

“Inform your family that the household is building healthy bodies!” she passionately wrote, alongside a before and after shot of her backside.

Jameson recently returned from a family trip to Mexico, where she revealed that she had strayed from her strict diet plan while on vacation and gained 4 lbs. Despite the weight gain, she said she was looking forward to getting back into her usual routine.

“Now that I’m back from vacation, I definitely need to restart my #ketodiet,” she wrote. “While on vacation I indulged, not in garbage but in whatever amount of good carbs I wanted. My scale reflected it less than I thought it would. I only gained 4 lbs. no worries! The best way to get back into #ketosis is to fast!”

Some experts, like trainer Jillian Michaels, urge people to avoid Keto. Michaels says the diet deprives people of essential nutrients and she recommends avoiding processed foods and eating healthy carbs instead.

Jameson said that upon returning home, she completed an 18 hour fast, then “ate pure strict keto” and “fell easily back into ketosis.”

“Within 2 days I was back at my pre vacation weight! So don’t stress if you fall off a bit, just buckle down after and keto on,” she wrote.

Jenna Jameson with daughter Batel Lu. Jenna Jameson/Instagram

Jameson had previously lamented the difficulties of staying keto while on vacation in early March, writing on Instagram that she wouldn’t let the struggle take away from her time off.

“It’s ingrained in our brains that vacation is for letting go! I’m guilty. I had a plate of fries, fish tacos, tortilla soup and a churro stuffed with ice cream,” she wrote. “I’m sure my scale has shifted… but not to the point that it should effect [sic] my mood or ultimate progress. Moral of this story, don’t deprive yourself… enjoy life… but don’t stray so far.”

Jameson hit her goal weight of 125 lbs. in September after five months of following the diet and intermittent fasting, and said that she would up her calorie intake upon reaching the goal.

“I think my body has decided this is my ideal weight. 125,” Jameson posted on Instagram on Sept. 9. “My unhealthy mind keeps thinking I need to be 110. I quietly say ‘not today, demon.’ I won’t cave to those voices that tell me I need to be a size 0 to be loved. When I look in the mirror now I see health and happiness, and that alone is my fuel to continue this lifestyle.”

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