Jenna Jameson revealed she gained four pounds after recently heading back to the gym to build up the muscle she lost while pregnant

Jenna Jameson has a love hate relationship with her scale.

After recently heading back to the gym to build “back all the muscle lost while pregnant,” Jameson, 44, revealed she’s put on a few pounds.

“Let’s talk about the dreaded scale. I’ll admit it. I compulsively weigh myself every morning. I wish I didn’t. Oh well. This morning my weight was 4 pounds higher,” Jameson captioned a before and after photo of herself on Instagram Thursday.

“I silently freaked out in my brain. Shut up demons! I know these are muscle gains!!!! I’ve hit the gym a lot this week and I can feel a difference,” the former adult film star continued.

“I feel strong. It might be in my head because it’s only been a week, but let a girl live.”

“I think the take away here is that we should all try to step away from the scale and pay attention to how we feel. Pay more attention to how our clothes sit on us and our energy levels,” Jameson wrote before adding, “Lastly… thank you #keto for helping me kick life’s ass!”

For Jameson, getting to the gym has never been easy, but she’s decided to challenge herself.

“I’m not sure why, but the gym has always intimidated me. Overwhelmed. That’s a good word for how it makes me feel,” Jameson wrote on Instagram last week. “But to be honest, I’ve got Bambi legs and they need a lot of work, so I shall push past my uncomfortability.”

Over the past several months, Jameson has been open about her post-baby body journey after giving birth to her daughter Batel Lu with fiancé Lior Bitton on April 6, 2017. She’s also mother to sons Jesse Jameson Ortiz and Journey Jette Ortiz from a previous relationship.

Prior to adding exercise in her daily routine, Jameson shared she’s gone from wearing a size 16 in jeans to a size 6, which she credits to her commitment to the keto diet— a low carb high-fat eating regimen.

Jameson even celebrated meeting one of her weight loss goals dropping down to 123 pounds after weighing around 187 at the end of August.

However, with her rapid weight loss, Jameson revealed she’s suffering from loose skin.

“I’m actively doing yoga as much as possible to try and tighten,” Jameson captioned an Instagram photo of herself, which shows her posing in a mirror wearing a black and white striped one-piece.

“I just wanted to post this so other mamas can see what happens when you lose weight. It’s not all perfection,” Jameson added.