Jenna Jameson Uses a Walker and Says She Is 'Getting Stronger' Through Mysterious Illness

The former adult film star revealed last week that she was "unable to walk" but is now sharing a hopeful message during her recovery

Jenna Jameson recovery
Jenna Jameson. Photo: Jenna Jameson/Instagram

Jenna Jameson says she is getting stronger.

In an Instagram story posted Monday, the former adult film star, 47, gave good news to her fans as she shared a picture of herself standing up with the help of a walker and the caption, "Getting Stronger!"

After spending some quality time with 4-year-old daughter Batel Lu Bitton over the weekend, the star is definitely in better spirits.

Last week she said she was bedridden due to the mysterious illness that has her doctors stumped as they await further testing.

"I am still sick, as you can see. I am in bed, but I am at home which is really nice. I've been getting a lot of sleep. We don't know what exactly is going on. I still am unable to stand, but I am feeling better and things are going a lot better so thank you for your support," said Jameson in last week's Instagram video.

Jameson, who lives in Hawaii with her family, was first hospitalized on Jan. 5 and spent a whole month in the hospital as doctors tried to diagnose the sudden illness.

In an Instagram video at the time, Jameson's husband Lior Bitton, talked about how her legs suddenly became weak.

"Her muscles in her legs were very weak. So she wasn't able to walk to the bathroom. She was falling on the way back or to the bathroom, I would have to pick her up and carry her to bed. And then within two days it go really not so good, her legs started to not hold her, she wasn't able to walk," said Bitton.

Initially, doctors believed she had the the rare neurological disorder, Guillain-Barré Syndrome. The disease has since been ruled out as the cause.

Since then, Jameson has continued to update fans on social media about her condition.

In an Instagram Story posted February 22, Jameson revealed she had returned home following the long hospital stay. "I still have more testing to do but it seems there's something off with my femoral nerve, and it's affecting my strength in my legs," she said.

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