Jenna Elfman Doesn't Count Calories and Noshes on Avocado Toast: What She Eats in a Day

Imaginary Mary's Jenna Elfman documents her food diary for a glimpse of what she eats in a day

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Between a new TV show premiering next month, two young kids and plenty of travel, Jenna Elfman keeps waking up at 4 a.m. But despite her early mornings, the actress makes sure to eat wholesome meals, without focusing on her calories.

“I don’t count calories. I just try to eat healthy while also letting myself indulge a bit from time to time, but still with organic, non-GMO ingredients as much as possible,” Elfman, 45, tells PEOPLE.

The 5’10” star of the upcoming ABC show Imaginary Mary kept track of everything she ate in a day — but admits that she wishes there were more vegetables represented.

“I usually eat A LOT more greens than what I did,” Elfman says. “But, it was a very busy three days and for some reason, my green intake wasn’t at it’s highest.”

Read on for the rest of her diet, and for more on Elfman, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE.


About 8 glasses of water a day


2 pieces of avocado toast on sprouted whole grain bread, sprinkled with Celtic sea salt


1 Americano coffee

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Butter croissant


Half of a pita sandwich with hummus, chicken, rice and lettuce

Small bowl of chicken noodle soup


Yellowtail and tuna sushi

Miso soup


Cucumber hand rolls


Vegan honeycomb ice cream with caramel sauce

1 Americano coffee

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Total Calories: 1,924

The Verdict:

Elfman makes great choices right off the bat with sprouted bread and avocado, says Chicago-based dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner. But she suggests dropping one of the slices of toast and topping the other with an egg or a sprinkle of hemp seeds for added protein. Blatner would prefer a white flour-free snack rather than the croissant, but she likes Elfman’s soup and sandwich combo — though she would add a dose of greens. “Make this sandwich into a ‘pita salad’ and it would be even better,” Blatner says. “Just empty the pita contents over salad greens & chop up the pita as croutons on top. Mmmmm.” Elfman’s sushi dinner, however, gets two thumbs up. “The miso soup and edamame fill you up so you aren’t eating as much sushi, which can be deceivingly high in calories,” Blatner says. And there’s no problem in finishing off the day with a sweet treat. “A little ice cream is smarter than eating a lot of ‘froyo’ style stuff.”

NOTE: It is recommended that women eat at least 1,200 calories per day, and men eat at least 1,800 calories per day.

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