Janice Dickinson Opens Up About Breast Cancer Struggle on 'The Doctors' : 'I'm a Fighter'

The star revealed last week she is battling cancer

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Janice Dickinson spoke out about her battle with breast cancer on Wednesday’s The Doctors.

Calling her illness a “journey she never thought she’d be on,” Dickinson, 61, preluded to her cancer story by reflecting on her modeling success saying, “I use to obsess over image, I’m the world’s first supermodel, I’ve been in front of cameras. I will never keep quiet when something is bothering me. I’m a fighter.”

Adding, “I’m not the type of woman to fall apart but it’s nothing to downplay.”

The former supermodel revealed last week that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I received the news being diagnosed with breast cancer. I haven’t been feeling myself for the past several months, I knew something was wrong,” she said in the 3-minute teaser trailer.

“My internist gave me the initial breast examination, she felt something. She said ‘Something here doesn’t feel right.’ She felt a lump,” Dickinson recalled of the moment she learned her diagnosis. “I had been very regular with mammograms, after comprehensive tests from four specialists the doctor said point blank, ‘You are positive for cancer.'”

The former America’s Next Top Model panelist lost her mother to cancer and broke down in tears when she remembered that painful period in her life.

“It’s shocking, everything hit me at once. My mother died of cancer, so I know how bad I felt when I heard about my mother,” Dickinson said. “My son broke down. Honestly haven’t cried in about 30 years, and just lately I’m tearful because I felt fear for the first time. And I don’t get scared. I kind of lost it.”

Emphasizing how “cancer does not define me,” the mother of two is still excited about her future despite the cancer battle ahead. “I want to see my daughter walk down the aisle and I want grandchildren, and I want to get married with Rocky, my fiancé, who’s a doctor.

As for her message to other women battling breast cancer, Dickinson advised: “I’m doing this for all women, please sisters have regular breast examinations. I can be emotional and happy and sad and afraid but I m not alone. I now await surgery.”

The Doctors airs weekdays (check local listings).

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