Jane Krakowski Says She 'Never Felt Pressure from Hollywood to Be Thin' but Has Her Own Motivation for Staying Fit

Jane Krakowski doesn't feel pressure to be thin, "but maybe that's because I tend to be in more comedy," she says

Jane Krakowski has been the spokesperson for Trop 50, the low calorie orange juice, for seven years and running, but that doesn’t mean the 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt star is super particular about her diet.

“I’ve never felt pressure from Hollywood to be thin, but maybe that’s because I tend to be in more comedy,” the 49-year-old says. “But I feel the pressure from myself to stay healthy for my son Bennett, and to feel good about myself,” she says.

So how does she stay in such great shape?

“I just try and exercise as much as I can to try and keep up with my 6 year old,” she says. “A 6-year-old boy has a lot of energy!” She says she’s also recently gotten back into one of her favorite forms of exercise: running.

“I’ve been going to this place called Mile High Run Club that has been really awesome and fun. It’s indoor long distance marathon training and they keep your time,” she says. “I’m one of those people who likes to watch the numbers — your time and calories — click!”

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As for her diet, she doesn’t follow anything in particular, though says she’s about 95 percent vegetarian. “Those are just the foods I tend to enjoy the most,” she says. “But I do think it’s advantageous health wise.”

As for the Trop 50 juice she shills for, she says she does actually drink it — and that these days, she’s recognized almost as much for those commercials as she is for any of her other work.

“It’s funny, when I’m food shopping wherever it’s sold, I can always see people watching to to see if I’m going to take the product off the shelf,” she says. “I’m recognized for Trop 50 as much as I am from any other job, which is a new thing for me.”

As for what’s next for the actress, she’s ready to jump into season 4 of Kimmy Schmidt. “I can’t wait. I love working with all of them,” she says. I’ve also been very spoiled to have gotten to work with Tina Fey for so many years. We’re going into our 10th season of comedy together. It will be very strange for me someday when I don’t have Tina Fey sense of humor and jokes in my life everyday.”

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