James Corden Has Lost 28 Lbs. in the Last Year: 'I Feel Incredible'

The late-night host and WW ambassador says that "for the first time, the weight I’ve lost hasn’t come back"

No more yo-yo dieting for James Corden — he's finally found a weight loss plan that works for him.

The 43-year-old host of The Late Late Show with James Corden is down 28 lbs. after joining WW (formerly Weight Watchers) in January.

Corden, a WW ambassador, said that this is the first time he's kept off the weight.

"Let me tell you — WW really works," he says, in a statement shared with PEOPLE. "I am down 28 pounds since the start of the year, and for the first time, the weight I've lost hasn't come back. It's game-changing and I feel incredible."

Corden lauded WW's new PersonalPoints program, which creates an eating plan that more closely aligns with each member's eating habits and workout habits, for helping him learn "how to eat and live healthier in a way that's manageable for me."

James Corden WW
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The Cats star says that he typically gains weight during the holiday season, but he feels prepared this time around.

"This time of year has traditionally been a struggle for me when it comes to healthy living but I'm entering the holiday season more confident than ever," he says. "It's my favorite time of year, and it's so liberating to know that I can still enjoy the foods I love most and never deprive myself."

Corden says that WW helped him "reframe" how he thinks about health and wellness.

"What's working for me is realizing this isn't a temporary solution, this is a new way of life," he says.

The dad of three will also star in a new set of ads for WW, where Corden goes around a grocery store singing the praises of the plan.

"I love that my clothes fit better, but I just love ice cream a little bit more than that," he jokes.

Corden talked about his weight loss during a BBC Radio show in May, telling host Zoe Ball that he had "done every single diet in the world" and realized that "the notion of going on a diet is wrong."

"You're not going on a diet," he explained, "you're gonna change the way you eat. And you're gonna change the way you eat forever. Just see this as: This is how you eat now."

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