Jamil also spoke with Mark Ronson to clear up the differences in their versions of a story about getting attacked by "killer bees"
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Jameela Jamil says she’s spent the last week fighting “like a f—ing dog” against the “false accusations” that she is lying about her health history.

The Good Place star, 33, shared multiple posts on social media over the weekend to explain her side of the story, including why singer Mark Ronson was in an old video “denying a story” that Jamil had told about swarm of bees attacking them during a video shoot.

Two days after her boyfriend, James Blake, shared a lengthy post on Twitter in support, Jamil wrote her own post about the past week and the claims that she has Munchausen syndrome, or factitious disorder, a mental illness that causes people to fake health scares for attention.

“I have had to fight like a f—ing dog this week against false accusations, people framing my words, and deliberately taking them out of context, trying to discredit my entire integrity, and going after disabled members of my family,” she said on Instagram. “And for what? To stop me from being an activist against eating disorders? To stop me from destigmatizing conversations about mental health, suicides, sexual consent, abortions, women’s rights, trans rights?”

Jamil said that she “wouldn’t lie in print or on camera knowing how permanent the internet is.”

“Especially knowing how much our media loves to portray women as liars and hysterics,” she continued. “I always own up to any mistake I make. I never hide from it. I publicly learn from my mistakes with other people joining me, so we can grow as a community.”

Jamil said she’s not going to let “some lies and conspiracy theories” hold her back from helping marginalized people, and added that she believes there is a silver lining to accusations about her health problems, many of which have been called out on social media for inconsistencies.

“At least we’ve started a huge mainstream conversation about invisible illness/chronic illness and the mockery and disbelief that comes with what is already a near impossible existence,” she said. “So something good always comes of a s— storm.”

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The questions about her health history started on social media, and took off when former Jezebel editor Tracie Morrissey compiled various interviews and video clips of Jamil talking about battling cancer twice, having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, suffering injuries from multiple car accidents, getting mercury poisoning, managing seizures and several incidents where she was attacked by “killer bees.”

One of the killer bees incidents included Ronson, whom Jamil was interviewing when she was a presenter for the BBC. Jamil had said in an interview that a swarm of “500 bees” attacked their set and it was “every man for himself” as they ran away. Ronson was asked about that day in a 2015 interview, and said that it was “maybe one or two individual bees” and they didn’t run, they just “walked slowly inside.”

Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson
| Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

In a long Twitter post on Sunday, Jamil said she cleared up the confusion with Ronson, and said the press “sensationalized” her story.

“Firstly, I never made the story up and thankfully producers on the set that day confirmed to me over the weekend that it happened,” she said.

Jamil said that she and Ronson talked, and “Mark has told me he didn’t mean to paint me as a liar, he just hadn’t remembered what happened, it had been 5 years, and maybe because he wasn’t there for the whole set up he didn’t realize what a pain in the arse the whole thing had been.” Ronson retweeted Jamil’s post and added: “Spoke to my friend Jameela. We’re good. Also bees suck.”

Jamil added in her post that it was disheartening to see that people believed a man’s version of the story over a woman’s.

“The sad thing was watching how fast people were to believe his version over mine,” she said.
“A classic between a man’s story and a woman’s in our society. When actually I was the one telling the truth and wouldn’t tweet this publicly if I wasn’t. I like to confront bulls— head on. I would just quietly hope it goes away if there was no truth in this.”

Jamil also said that there are so many stories about her getting chased by bees — Morrissey had shared three different ones — because she has a “stupid history with bees.”

“Listen, regarding this stupid speculation as to why I talk about bees so often is simply: I have a f—ing stupid history with bees,” Jamil said. “They always somehow manage to fuck up my day. I also run away from them into traffic because I’m an idiot with a phobia and to be fair I am allergic, but still my reaction is unhelpful and probably makes them chase me.”