Jameela Jamil Responds to Man Who Body Shamed Her at the Gym: 'I Don't Need Your Advice'

The Good Place's Jameela Jamil shared a story on Twitter about how she felt after a man she did not know commented on how she could "improve" her body

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Jameela Jamil goes to the gym because it helps her deal with anxiety.

So imagine her surprise when a male stranger approached her to say she “could look so amazing” if she did other workouts to “improve [her] body.”

The Good Place star, 32, posted a video recounting the experience, which left her feeling judged — and angry.

“He decided to tell me without prompt that he’s seen me around and that he always thinks, ‘Oh what a shame. She could look so amazing,’ and there’s so many different things I could do to improve my body,” the actress recalled. “So he essentially walked up to me and body-shamed me in the middle of the gym.”

She continued with a simple piece of advice to him: “Don’t do that. Don’t walk up to someone and impose your belief of what you think they should look like onto them. Don’t do that to women, don’t do that to men, don’t do that to anyone ever.”

Jamil also speculated that behavior like this prevents people from going to the gym “because they’re afraid of being judged… I don’t like walking around thinking that people are looking at me and analyzing what I should or shouldn’t look like.”

She added, “I’m comfortable, I enjoy my body. I enjoy my curves. I’m also, by the way, a U.S. size 6 to 8, so if that’s how I’m being spoken to at the gym, you can imagine what people say to people who are larger than that.”

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To conclude, Jamil directed her comments at her gym buddy: “To that man… don’t walk up to a woman ever again and say anything like that. I don’t need your advice. I don’t want your advice. I didn’t ask you for your advice as to whether or not you think i’m good looking enough. Just f—k off.”

Alongside the video, she wrote, “You’re also being extremely weird.”

The Brit is a proud advocate for body positivity — a topic she addressed last week when she slammed the Kardashians on Channel 4’s Ways to Change the World podcast for pushing unrealistic beauty standards.

I have had words with the Kardashians, and I think when someone is doing something that is toxic and damaging… we should all be allowed to say something about that,” she said.

“You are selling us something that really doesn’t make us feel good,” she continued. “You’re selling us an ideal, a body shape, a problem with our wrinkles, a problem with aging, a problem with gravity, a problem with any kind of body fat. You’re selling us self-consciousness, the same poison that made you clearly develop some sort of body dysmorphia or facial dysmorphia you are now pouring back into the world. You’re recycling hatred.”

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