The Good Place star got more of a run than she bargained for when a pack of bees started chasing after her

Jameela Jamil almost went a bit too method in her acting when she first started playing the recently deceased Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place.

The actress, 33, was increasingly feeling worn down as she filmed the first season of the hit NBC show, all while her costar Ted Danson was feeling perfectly fine — at age 71. So Jamil asked Danson for advice.

“He told me early on, because I kept on getting a fever just from filming — which shows just how pathetic I was. A doctor once told me I’m clinically weak, which isn’t a condition, it’s just sad. But Ted noticed that I was fatigued and yet was running circles around me. And he’s 40 years older than me!” she told Jimmy Kimmel during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night.

Jamil decided to go for a run, based on Danson’s own love of cardio — he previously told PEOPLE that it makes him “feel 100 percent better” — but it didn’t go well for Jamil.

“I started trying to jog because of him. And the first time I tried, I almost died!” she told Kimmel.

The Misery Index host said that for her first run, she was jogging down a major road in Los Angeles around 6 p.m. when she had to stop under a tree while waiting for the traffic light to change.

“I guess because I’m very tall, I have disturbed a branch on the tree,” she said. “What I don’t know is — and I find this out as kind of a cloud of black descends upon me — that there’s a beehive on that tree. And I had very much so pissed off the beehive that are now all over me, so I just start running into traffic.”

“That is my natural instinct — to run into six lanes of traffic,” she continued. “I run in, a car hits me. Yeah, I get knocked over by a car. I’ve just started filming The Good Place, by the way. But the car is, thankfully, slowing down because it sees a woman covered in a perm of bees, so they hit me while slowing down.”

Ted Danson with Jameela Jamil on The Good Place
| Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Jamil was on the ground for the moment, with the bees all over her, but quickly got up and continued running away from the bees — before deciding to sacrifice a few other people. After another five minutes of running, she spotted people outside of a bar.

“There are people standing outside smoking, and I think to myself — and it’s terrible when you’re in a moment of emergency to realize what an awful person you are — but I looked at those people smoking and I was like, ‘You already don’t care about your lives, so I’m gonna run at you with these bees,’ ” she said. “So, I lead the bees to all of these smoking people, and then I get down on the ground and I army crawl into the juice bar next door and watch everyone get stung. There are handbags flying, cigarettes flying.”

Jamil was “fine,” and didn’t get a single bee sting, she said, but she learned a valuable lesson about cardio and Danson, which Kimmel pointed out.

“This is why you can never exercise. It’s so dangerous! And Ted Danson is at fault for this!” he joked.

“He tried to kill me!” Jamil added with a laugh.