Ivanka Trump Is Training for Her First Half Marathon – and Loving It

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Catch her if you can!

New York businesswoman and mom of two Ivanka Trump is running her first half marathon in Central Park on April 19. She talked to PEOPLE about her training, tricks and team spirit.

So, 13.1 miles. Will this be the longest distance you have ever run?
By far! I get bored easily, so in general, I tend to mix up my workouts. I exercise in the gym with a trainer once a week when I’m in town, and I love yoga, golf and tennis. But I’ve never considered myself a runner. Adhering to the training program and making time for the almost-daily workouts has really been a challenge!

Describe your training regimen.
We’re working with an incredible running coach and former Olympic athlete John Henwood. He’s put together a really thorough, dynamic program that we’re all doing our best to stick with – in some form! It’s definitely been a challenge at times. John’s goal is not for us to just finish the race, but for us to finish it well.

Who’s ‘we’?
I will be running with our entire team [of Ivanka Trump brand staffers], which has helped tremendously in the training. Occasionally, we’ll take a break mid-week to run a few miles in the park and we’ve been doing training sessions with John together. It’s made for some great team-building. And all of the proceeds we raise will go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

How did you come up with the idea to train with your staffers as a group?
Beyond constant accountability, I think it’s also important to set collective goals for ourselves that extend beyond the office. We launched our #WomenWhoWork initiative to show the world what today’s modern, professional women really look like. They’re invested in their careers, but they’re also passionate about priorities outside the office. The fact that we’re making time in our busy lives to train for this race is very in line with who we are.

Is that why you chose the all-women More Fitness Shape Half Marathon?
Our brand Ivanka Trump is committed to celebrating women. The fact that it’s an all-female race made it feel especially on-point with our mission.

Speaking of life outside the office, you have two kids. How do you fit in the long training runs as a busy mom?
It’s not easy, but I’ve done the best I can. That often means waking up even earlier than usual. But once I get going, it feels great.

How do you get motivated on days you’re not in the mood to hit the pavement?
My husband [Jared Kushner] and I run together in the park, which makes the training fun. On the days that I’m not feeling it, he can be pretty persuasive in getting me out the door.

Any go-to workout songs?
My team has built several playlists that I cycle through during my workouts.

What is your favorite post-workout snack?
Recently I’ve been snacking on apple slices with cheese at the recommendation of a good friend and contributor to my site, health coach Maria Marlowe. (And special thanks to my amazing mother-in-law whose weekly Costco runs keep our office fridge stocked!)

What do you like most about running?
Running is a great metaphor for life. You set a goal and then you get to work. How well you do is a direct reflection of how hard you work. It’s a mental game, too. There are setbacks along the way, but the true test of a runner is how you overcome and push past them.

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