Iskra Lawrence Debunks Deceiving Model Poses: 'Everything Is an Illusion'

"I wanted to get super real and show [you] how drastically and instantly [people] can change how they look simply by posing," Aerie model Iskra Lawrence wrote on Instagram of her new YouTube video

Iskra Lawrence is continuing her push for body positivity with a new video debunking all the simple posing tricks that some models use to alter their appearance in photos.

In the video, Lawrence — an Aerie model — explains that "good lighting, good angles, good posing" are all things that "can completely change what your body looks like."

Lawrence, 27, starts the video by revealing "how models fake thigh gaps" (by tilting back their pelvis), and notes, "everything is an illusion."

She further tackles six other positions that make models appear to have a larger butt, thinner arms, no double chins, flat stomachs and more.

"Be super aware when you're looking at perfect images what actually goes on behind the scene," advises Lawrence, adding that she hopes through the video, viewers "can understand when you're looking at a photo that it's not necessarily real."

Says Lawrence, "Don't ever feel like your body is not worthy or not beautiful."

The clip was made in conjunction with Fashion For All and ELLE magazine, and was inspired by Lawrence's desire to "get super real," she wrote on Instagram.

Lawrence, who struggled with anorexia at the beginning of her modeling career, will also appear in upcoming documentary self(i.e.), which features over 80 interviews with influential women examining the history and impact of photo retouching — and celebrates real beauty.

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Opening up about the pressure to be perfect in the modeling world for one of the teaser clips from the film, Lawrence, who previously struggled with anorexia, shared, "I felt like the sample size was right, and my body was wrong. I basically ended up going into battle with my body and that's a daily battle every time you look in the mirror. Every time you see an image of a successful model or someone who you look up to who doesn't look like you, you think you're not good enough."

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