Ireland Baldwin is working on overcoming her body issues, and wants to help others do the same

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Ireland Baldwin is ready for a total mind and body reset.

The model — and daughter of Alec Baldwin — shared an intimate look into her body doubts on Instagram.

“Sometimes I get caught up in the opinions of others and I get really down on myself,” Baldwin, 21, writes. “I am pale white. I hardly tan. I have cellulite. I’m not petite. I’m around 6 ft. I drop weight rather quickly but gain it by eating one bagel. I’m a 36 D cup and I have a booty. I’ve got inner thigh fat. And outer thigh. And just straight up thigh fat. I’ve gone from a size 00 to a size 6 to a size whatever to not knowing to not eating to eating boxes of pizza to starving myself to being gym obsessed to eating my way out of a Sprinkles Cupcakes bakery to now.”

She explains that while she’s happy overall, her mindset isn’t where she’d like it to be.

“It’s not even necessarily a matter of working out and eating clean, it’s also how I’ve thought recently,” Baldwin says. “I’ve been cloudy, unfocused and losing energy. I need to reset my mind and body. I now take this harsh world with a grain of salt and accept myself for who I am.”

But knowing that a change won’t just happen overnight, Baldwin is committing to trying anything she can for better health.

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“I’m taking the next month to do a full mind, body and health reset cleanse,” she says. “It’s not juicing, it’s not starvation, and it’s not about obsessing over each and every inch of my body.”

“It’s time to love your self and take care of our bodies!!!”