Ireland Baldwin Says She 'Spent Way Too Many Years Starving' Herself but Is 'on the Other Side'

The model decided to speak out against the "people on the internet" who spent years criticizing her looks and saying she'd "never be as thin and beautiful" as her mom

ireland baldwin
Ireland Baldwin. Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Ireland Baldwin is in the "most freeing mental headspace" about her body — but it took years of practice to overcome negative comments from internet critics, as well as treatment for her eating disorders to get there.

The model, 26, shared a long post on Instagram about her family — namely father Alec Baldwin and his news that he and wife Hilaria Baldwin are expecting a seventh child together — and how she's dealt with her own body insecurities after she "reached a boiling point."

Baldwin said that she decided to speak out about the attacks on her looks after seeing Camila Cabello's recent post where the singer called out paparazzi for following her around during a beach vacation and making comments about her body.

"I am nowhere near as famous as Camila, but I relate to every word of her post," Baldwin wrote. "I have been called some version of fat, ugly, worthless and irrelevant by grown adults on the internet since I was a kid. It's nothing new. Paparazzi have followed me around for whatever boring reason and have snapped photos all up, in, and around my ass, cellulite, back fat, double chin, tits, you name it! It's invasive and super lame, but it's out of my control."

Baldwin said that the comments and criticism lead to her eating disorders.

"I have spent way too many years starving myself, binging, purging, measuring, stepping on scales, spitting my food into my purse, and all around ruining my body because some troll told me I'll never be as thin and beautiful as my mother," she said.

Baldwin entered an eating disorder treatment program seven and a half years ago and is "indeed on the other side" from her anorexia and bulimia, she said.

"I have my bad days, of course. But overall, I f---ing LOVE food… like romantically. I love my body. I love the way it moves. I love how I feel in it," she said.

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"Sure, I have my insecurities," she continued. "I know a lot of you like to assume I am filled with lip filler, breast implants and botox, but even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things, I am not, but HELL! All ya had to do was ask!"

Baldwin said that she is actually going to try "an in-office procedure" to see if it helps with an insecurity she has around her chin, but she's "SHAMELESS" about it.

"And the most glorious part, is I am not posting revealing pictures, getting treatments, and doing jack S--- for any of you. It's all for me," she said.

"I am in the most freeing mental headspace I have ever been in about my body image. Oh, and… 'fat' is beautiful, not an insult. 'Pigs' are adorable. And so smart. SO jokes on you."

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