Ireland Baldwin Says She Opted for FaceTite to Get Rid of a 'Very Stubborn Pocket of Fat'

The model also called out people for both criticizing her for getting the procedure and talking about it: "I don’t want to be misleading"

Ireland Baldwin
Ireland Baldwin. Photo: Ireland Baldwin/instagram

Ireland Baldwin "couldn't be happier" after undergoing a cosmetic procedure to remove the fat under her chin.

The model, 26, shared last week that she decided to get a "FaceTite" procedure, a "minimally invasive, hour-long in-office procedure" where a plastic surgeon uses radiofrequency waves and liposuction to pull in the skin.

In the days since the procedure, Baldwin has openly talked about her recovery and shown herself bandaged up, which led to criticism, she said on Tuesday.

"You have to pick one. Either you're going to get mad at people who aren't open and transparent about the work that they've had done to themselves, or you're gonna get mad at people for getting work done to themselves," she said in a TikTok. "You can't have both."

Baldwin, the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin, said that while it's not "anyone's business," she wanted to share her experience "to be as open and transparent about these kind of things because I don't want to be misleading." She went on to say that she doesn't use filters on social media and has "had no other modifications done to my body or face" — not even lip or facial fillers.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that," she added.

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Baldwin said that she went for the FaceTite procedure because she's always been insecure about the skin underneath her chin.

"The reason I had it done, is because I had this very stubborn pocket of fat and extra skin under my face," she said. "And before you say, 'Well why don't you just diet and work out and not be a lazy bitch,' it doesn't work like that. When I had an array of eating disorders in my life and I was scary skinny, I still had this chin, and it was even more prominent when I was skinnier. As I've gained weight and as I've aged, it hasn't gone away at all, it's only become worse and worse."

Baldwin also called out the "hags" who criticized her for doing this at age 26.

"I am 26. I'm a woman. I'm not underage, I'm a consenting adult who made this choice and I couldn't be happier," she said. "I don't plan on getting anything else done. I am grateful for the body I have and I wouldn't change anything else about myself. This is something that really, really, really bothered me my whole life and I decided to do something about it."

"So would you rather I got this done and lied to you all about it, or can we just have a little fun here and stay out of other people's business?" Baldwin concluded her video.

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