The fitness trainer, who also has a 2-year-old-daughter, said her son's birth story is a "wild one!"
Emily Skye birth
Emily Skye
| Credit: Emily Skye/Instagram

Emily Skye’s son was ready to make his debut — even if his mom wasn’t quite prepared!

The fitness influencer, 35, had an “unexpected” birth at home on Thursday after her son Izaac arrived three weeks early.

Skye, who lives in the city of Gold Coast in Australia, shared the news on Instagram, along with photos of the moments just after his birth.

“Well THAT was unexpected!!” she wrote. “Little Izaac just couldn’t wait any longer to enter the world!!”

In the photos, an exhausted Skye breastfeeds Izaac while emergency medical workers clean her up, and her partner Declan holds their 2½-year-old daughter Mia.

“I’ll share with you our birth story soon!!” Skye added. “Be ready, it’s a wild one!”

Emily Skye birth
Skye's partner, Declan, and their daughter Mia
| Credit: Emily Skye/Instagram

Earlier that day, Skype shared photos of her baby bump and said that she had a few more tasks to get through before she’s ready for her son to arrive.

“My mum arrives tomorrow so she’ll be able to mind Mia so Dec can be at the birth,” she said. “I’m also doing a maternity shoot and THEN I’ll be ready for you baby boy... I THINK.. 🤔 Actually I’m not sure if you’re ever really ‘ready’ haha. I thought I was before having Mia but soon found out I wasn’t BUT you just go with it and get through it one day at a time.☺️ Can’t believe baby boy will be in my arms soon! Such a surreal feeling.”

And on Sunday, Skye posted that she was starting to feel some early contractions, but she wasn’t sure if they were actually signs of labor.

“I’m currently sitting on the couch getting lots of braxton hicks contractions and cramps. I don’t know if these signs could be the starts of labor as it’s different for every woman. I could still be weeks away from giving birth or hours!” she said. “It’s such an odd feeling not knowing, but also exciting!”

But, Izaac decided that Thursday was the day.

“He’s here!!! What birth ‘plan’?!” Skye joked.