Influencer Emily Skye Shares an Honest Look at Her Postpartum Body: 'You've Got to Be Patient'

The fitness trainer, who is 12 weeks postpartum, said her body "doesn't just snap back after giving birth"

Emily Skye
Photo: Emily Skye/Instagram

Influencer Emily Skye knows that it takes hard work — and plenty of patience — to rebuild a postpartum body.

The Australian fitness trainer, 35, gave birth to her second child, son Izaac, 12 weeks ago, and as she gets back in the gym, one of the first items on her agenda is fixing her posture.

Skye shared a few tips for strengthening those torso muscles on Instagram, along with an honest video of her body when she holds up her back and sucks in her stomach, and what it looks like when she breathes freely.

“It is SO hard to hold your tummy in after having a baby — it’s pretty much a core workout in itself haha! 😝” she wrote. “As well as pelvic floor and core specific exercises I believe it’s really important to also draw your tummy in while standing and walking around — especially to support your back while carrying a baby!”

Skye suggests lifting up the pelvic floor muscles and pulling in the stomach “from the bottom up — like you’re zipping yourself up!” She acknowledges that it’s “impossible” to hold that position all day long, but finds that it helps to repair the abs if they split during pregnancy, a condition called diastasis recti.

“I try to do it as much as I can throughout the day,” she said. “It’s about getting your pelvic floor functioning well and core strong and also encouraging your right and left abs to come together and stay there and the connective tissue (facia) to become tighter around the ab muscles.”

Skye said that for some “lucky” people, those core muscles will come back together on their own, but that isn’t the case for her.

“After having my first baby Mia it took almost a year for my body to return to being close to my pre-baby body and I still found it hard to keep my tummy tight before I fell pregnant with Izaac,” she said.

Skye also reminded her followers that this process cannot be rushed.

“You’ve gotta be patient after having a baby as most bodies don’t ‘snap back’ — it takes work and it takes time,” she said. “You’ve gotta be conscious of your posture as much as possible and really work on standing tall with your tummy drawn in, shoulders back, chest up & back straight. Remember — IT TAKES TIME & EFFORT!!”

The mom of two has learned to love her body after previously dealing with disordered eating. Now, after two pregnancies, Skye is proud of what her body has produced.

“I’ve never in my life loved my body more and instead of criticizing it and picking out our every little so called ‘flaw’ (which I’d done for many of my younger years) I cried with joy and gratitude and thanked it,” she said in August. “It makes me sad that so many women including my old self dislike their bodies.”

These days, Skye said, she “honestly couldn’t care less about having extra fat, cellulite, saggy skin or stretch marks.”

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