Influencer Whitney Buha Candidly Reveals What Happens When Botox Goes Wrong

Chicago-based blogger Whitney Buha has been documenting her experience with Botox that was injected into the wrong spot, resulting in one eye drooping and one eye being extra wide-open

whitney buha
Whitney Buha. Photo: whitney buha/instagram

Chicago-based lifestyle blogger Whitney Buha is getting real about the risks that come with cosmetic procedures.

The saga began about three weeks ago, when Buha shared on Instagram that a routine Botox visit quickly turned out to be a case of Botox gone wrong.

Buha, who runs the blog "Something Whitty," shared in March that her Botox injector placed the protein in the wrong place near her eye, causing her left eye to droop and her right eye to be extra wide-open.

"This is so embarrassing, and I really don't want to show this, but everyone's like, 'can we please see this?' Because a lot of you get Botox and didn't know this was possible. I didn't know this was possible, either," she said in a video before pulling her hair back to reveal the dramatic difference in size between her eyes.

Buha explained that after her usual visit, she noticed her left eyebrow wasn't as high as her right eyebrow. She went back to the clinic on the advice of her injector to get four more units added to the left eyebrow in an attempt to even them out — but the opposite happened.

"Ever since I went back, this is what's happened," she said, pointing to her drooping eye.

Since first sharing what happened, Buha has been sharing regular updates with her followers, including sharing daily side-by-side photos of progress and conversations with other doctors and specialists.

whitney buha
Whitney Buha. whitney buha/instagram

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One specialist Buha spoke to explained that because her left eyelid is covering part of that eye, her vision is impaired, prompting her other eye to overcompensate, she said in one video. Among the remedies Buha has tried are patching her right eye, applying heat and vibrations to her left eye, and prescription eye drops, according to her several Instagram videos about the experience.

In an update last week, Buha said that she had reached the point where the Botox should begin to wear off.

"I feel like I've gotten over the hurdle of like, the worst," she said in one of her videos. "Now I feel like my left eye is looking almost normal. My right eye is still a little bit too big, but way less white is showing, that's for sure."

"So I'm just hoping over the next couple of weeks it just continues to get a little bit better each day," she said.

On Tuesday, Buha said she's making "progress," and thanked her followers for their support throughout the ordeal.

Side effects like Buha's are "rare and temporary," plastic surgeon Adam Kolker told Allure in 2019. According to the outlet, eyelid or eyebrow droopiness only occurs in between one and five percent of cases.

Other potential side effects of Botox can include headaches and mild bruising at the injection site.

In a statement to PEOPLE on Tuesday, Buha said that she decided to share her story to help educate others who get Botox.

"After some consideration, I decided to share my story because I realized how few people knew that eyelid ptosis could be a side effect of Botox — myself included before all of this," Buha said. "The second I mentioned that I had 'Botox gone wrong,' I received several messages asking what I meant and many saying they didn't know that Botox could go wrong."

"I felt like it was an opportunity to educate others and show them what these potential side effects look like," she continued. "After I began to open up, I received so many messages from people who've been through something similar or those who had no clue this could happen."

She added, "It's been a wild ride, but I've been able to connect with hundreds of people because of it."

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