Actress Kathy Najimy Wants People to Wear Headscarves on Inauguration Day in Support of Religious Freedom

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves group is encouraging people to wear headscarves on Inauguration Day to support religious freedom


As Donald Trump stands before the nation on Jan. 20 to be sworn in, many Americans will also be standing up — for what they believe in.

One group, led by actress Kathy Najimy, is encouraging people to support “our about-to-be-disenfranchised Muslim sisters” by wearing headscarves on Inauguration Day.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves — with the support of the Muslim Women’s PAC — is putting out a nationwide call for people to don headscarves in the style of an hijab.

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“I saw a woman with an hijab, and I thought, how can she know that I support her without going up and embarrassing her? So I thought, what if we wore them on Inauguration Day?” Najimy, 59, tells PEOPLE.

“All issues of freedom and human rights are important to me, and I’m not a religious person or a person who supports any particular religion, but I believe in rights as a citizen, in American rights. And I believe, as the constitution says, the right to worship however you choose.”

Najimy says that she had been searching for a simple way to make a difference on Inauguration Day.

“We wanted to create an action: visible and easy — to proclaim our commitment to freedom of religion and to the constitution…religion or no religion,” Najimy adds in a press release. “We support every woman’s right to worship as they wish and live in security and peace.”

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Najimy emphasizes that the purpose of this movement is to support religious freedom.

“We by no means are endorsing or aligning with ANY religious doctrine,” she says. “Simply stand for freedom. It’s easy, creates solidarity and puts some hope into the hearts of Americans who feel unjustly threatened.”

“On the eve of what I think is the most destructive night for America, I want to encourage everyone to do something, to let their voice be heard.”

Trump continually attacked Muslim-Americans during his campaign and said he plans to implement a registry of Muslims in the U.S.

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