Rodrigo Alves has spent over $465,000 on plastic surgery
Rodrigo Alves human ken doll
Credit: Rodrigo Alves/Instagram

Rodrigo Alves aka the ‘Human Ken doll’ has just had his 51st plastic surgery procedure, this time receiving a CO2 laser treatment to improve the texture of his skin.

Alves, 33, tells PEOPLE he has now spent 375,000 British pounds (about $465,000) on all of his plastic surgery plus 105 aesthetic procedures. He decided to go under the knife after being teased for his appearance as a child growing up in Brazil.

“I used to to be fat and didn’t fit into the Brazilian beauty stereotype, and for that reason I used to get bullied by boys and singled out at school growing up in Brazil,” he says. “I also had a very wide nose and my nickname was ‘potato nose.’ ”

Alves had his first plastic surgery procedure done at the age of 17 to remove his male breast tissue (gynecomastia), and continued to get plastic surgery to achieve his ideal aesthetic.

Credit: Courtesy Rodrigo Alves

Alves prior to his surgeries.

“My dream was to look like a Disney prince, but now after so many surgeries I look like a doll and not like a Disney prince,” he says.

Still, that hasn’t stopped him from getting more surgery. Last week, Alves went to Dr. Payman Simoni to get a Smart Skin Fractional CO2 laser treatment to smooth the appearance of his skin.

“I’m a perfectionist with everything that I do, and when comes to my appearance I really go the extra mile,” says Alves, who hopes his latest procedure will help improve the appearance of scars leftover from his acne and an eyebrow lift he had two years ago. “I wear a lot of make up to conceal my scars and marks, and it is very time-consuming. Having the CO2 treatment means that I will be able to get ready faster and wear less make up.”

Alves is still healing after the procedure, but is already prepared to have it done again if he is not satisfied with the first round results.

“Today my skin started to peel off and it looks red, but I can notice that the enlarged pores and scars have been improved quite significantly,” he says. “However, to achieve the porcelain skin look I may need one more session, but I will now need to wait three months for round two.”

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In addition, Alves is seeking a doctor to perform his eighth nose job because his surgeries have left him with breathing problems.

“July last year I had to have my nose reconstructed after having an infection, and unfortunately I can’t breath properly,” he says. “I want to breathe again, and obviously, to have a perfect-looking nose.”

He is also considering weight loss surgery.

“My metabolism is starting to slow down,” says Alves. “I have been gaining weight recently, and all my best outfits don’t fit me anymore. I’m considering lipo on my back and legs, but before that I’m trying a liquid diet where I only drink green pressed juices.”

Alves acknowledges that he no longer looks like his old self, but doesn’t see that as a bad thing.

“I fought against my genes,” he says. “I wasn’t born this way — I made myself this way with tons of plastic surgery, silicone implants and liposuction.”