Today show host Hoda Kotb is ready to lose weight in 2017, and posted a photo of her scale as motivation

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There’s no going back now!

Hoda Kotb is vowing to lose weight in the New Year — and she’s holding herself to it with a photo of her current weight.

“Ok I stood on the scale this am — Time to drop some lbs.!” she wrote on Instagram.

The Today show host, 52, says she’s frustrated because she gained weight despite working out.

“So you know what depressed me a little bit this morning? So you know when you have a good night ’cause you don’t eat much ’cause you’re in front of your boyfriend and then you get up in the morning and you work out and you’re like, ‘Yes, yes, yes’? I got on the scale and I took a picture of it and I weigh, I weigh, I’m just gonna say it…152,” Kotb told Jenna Bush Hager during Today.

“And I was so ticked. You know when you look at something and you go, ‘What happened?'”

Kotb is working on a health challenge for Today with the goal of living to 100, and the show’s nutritionist, Joy Bauer, instructed Kotb to work on her snacking habit. Every time Kotb reaches for a snack outside of her regular meals, she has to instead put that food in a plastic bag.

“What we’re going to do, is in between meals, you’re going to start throwing things in a bag that you were going to put in your mouth,” she said.

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“You don’t realize how much grazing and eating weird things that you’re doing and I was counting things and she said, ‘Well how many of those do you eat?’ And I said, ‘Usually a handful.’ So I threw a handful in. So all day long, I was supposed to put everything in between meals in this bag.”

Kotb posted a photo of her bag on Thursday, filled with popcorn, candy and grapes.

“Here’s my ziplock of all the snacks I wanted to eat today but put in the bag instead!” she said. “Only 3pm! Yikes!”