"Yes, I'm in my bathroom," the mother of four wrote on Instagram
Hilaria Baldwin
Credit: Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Hilaria Baldwin knows how to work it!

The mother of four shared her secret to sexy legs on her Instagram on Friday, revealing in detail the leg workout she does after going on a run.

“Entire leg workout..fronts, backs, calves and butt! Also, if you activate your core, it’s great for abs too 💜. 3 sets of 5 of each,” Hilaria, 35, who is married to Alec Baldwin said in the video’s caption.

In the video, Hilaria sports a black sports bra and matching panties: “Yes, I’m in my bathroom, yes, I’m wearing a sports bra and underwear…no, you shouldn’t get offended…unless you never go to the beach 🤷🏻‍♀️.”

Hilaria, a fitness instructor and co-host of the Mom Brain podcast, explained that her “wardrobe choice” more easily shows off how she’s “activating” her muscles.

“Going through the motions of an exercise is good…but doing them with intention and activation will make them so much more effective!” Hilaria continued in the caption. “On this note: another fun trick that I practice is doing these types of workouts right after a run (which is what I just did here).”

She proceeded to share some tips for those who don’t typically love cardio.

“The cardio gets your warmed up and this tones on top of all the hard work you already did. For those of you who can’t or hate running, there are SO MANY ways to get your heart rate up. Find one that works for you,” she added. “Start slow, be consistent, and little by little your lungs and your body will start to love it.”

Hilaria is no newbie to exercising — or to sharing her workouts with her 622,000 followers!

Earlier this month, she shared a throwback video set to “Despacito” of a poolside leg and glute workout, saying it’s one of “my fav exercises.”

In a June post, Hilaria wrote, “Bathroom workouts are some of my favs! 5 pushups, 5 pliés…high heels!!! 3-5 sets.”

The exercise queen even gets her kids involved as often as she can.

“Getting kids outside to move is so important. Not only is it good for their bodies, but I find that my children are so much happier when they are not stuck inside,” she said in a June Instagram post. “We don’t need fancy toys or complicated games in order to have fun—just our bodies, some curiosity, and a sense of humor.”

Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin
Hilaria Baldwin, Alec Baldwin
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She then explained a yoga game she plays with her kids — Hilaria and Alec share daughter Carmen Gabriela, 5½, as well as sons Romeo Alejandro David, 1, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 2½, and Rafael Thomas, 4, as well as Alec’s daughter Ireland, 23.

“Here is another example of our let’s play yoga game 😂. A reminder of how to play: everyone take turns shouting out an animal, favorite toy…food…whatever and we interpret that,” she said. “It is super fun and gets us moving and connecting with our bodies.”

Hilaria told PEOPLE in June that she’s open to expanding their family with having more kids: “They’re my favorite things in the world so why not?”