Hilaria Baldwin Feels Empowered Without Photoshop: 'I Spent Way Too Many Years of My Life Worried About How I Looked'

The mom of two – with a third on the way! – learned to love her body

Photo: Amanda Marsalis

Hilaria Baldwin is done obsessing about her body.

The fitness instructor and mom of two – with a third on the way! – says she used to spend too much time focusing on her perceived imperfections.

Baldwin, 32, who was shot for PEOPLE’s “Not a Drop of Photoshop” spread, said going without retouching made it “the most empowering shoot I’ve ever done.”

“You know what is so funny? I put up untouched photos all the time on Instagram, but it felt completely different when I went to this shoot and I didn’t see the photo before,” Baldwin posted on Instagram. “Obviously I’m picking and choosing which photos I put up on my page, even if they are not altered. At this shoot, they put my nearly 6 month pregnant body in this cute little @hm bikini, shot the photos and then I saw it today when you do. I was a bit nervous…But you know what? I loved it.”

“Because why hide? I spent way too many years of my life worried about how I looked and obsessing about imperfections. It is a waste of life and energy. So here I am, trying to spread the message to just be yourself – because this is the most powerful and wonderful life.”

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Baldwin says she used to spend too much time worrying about being the “perfect” weight.

“I definitely struggled with my idea of what a healthy weight was – or not even healthy, healthy didn’t matter – of what the ‘right’ weight was,” she tells PEOPLE. “I obsessed about it and I focused on it and I put through myself through very bad places to get myself to a place where I was too skinny. It was never worth it.”

“Everything is about how you feel and your energy level. Your body is a machine and you should be fueling it properly.”

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Instead, Baldwin says she’s learned to value her body – self-perceived flaws and all.

“I don’t know if anyone is ever totally comfortable in their skin, but you put everything into perspective,” she says. “Do I look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh my god, you are perfect, perfect, perfect’ – absolutely not. But at the same time, I have respect for myself, and I love myself, and I have appreciation for what my body can do.”

One of those many powerful roles her body plays is carrying children, and now Baldwin is trying to pass on a healthy body image to her kids.

“I’m very careful not to put myself down in front of [her daughter, Carmen, 2], like, ‘Oh my god, I don’t feel good today,’ or the typical, ‘Oh I feel so fat’ or, ‘Oh look at me, I look terrible’ kind of stuff,” Baldwin says. “I’ve learned that that can be very damaging to children. I try to be very positive to the people around me. Like, ‘Oh wow, doesn’t she look beautiful?’ Or ‘He’s so sweet,’ or, ‘That was such a nice thing that he did.’ ”

“It’s about looking at the more important things in life.”

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