Chasity Davis and Stefan Trotman are both half their size now, she dropping 165 lbs. and he, 220 lbs.

By Dave Quinn
January 12, 2018 04:07 PM

Chasity Davis and Stefan Trotman are both half their size now — Davis dropping 165 lbs. and Trotman losing a whopping 220 lbs. — and now the duo are sharing two recipes that helped them lose the weight with Rachael Ray!

The two fitness inspirations had their weight loss journeys documented in PEOPLE’s annual Half Their Size issue, and will appear with PEOPLE Now host Jeremy Parsons on Friday’s episode of The Rachael Ray Show to talk about their success.

Davis, a 41-year-old mother of three, first dropped 75 lbs. with gastric-sleeve surgery, but then took off the other 165 lbs. doing daily five-mile walks and eating healthy.

She makes a fruit and veggie smoothie with cauliflower, to help those who, like her, had grown tired of looking at green smoothies. “Let it dance,” she says after packing her blender full.

Chasity Davis, Jeremy Parsons and Rachael Ray
| Credit: Rachael Ray

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Trotman, 28, took several years to drop his weight — topping the scales once at 410 lbs.. But after consulting with a nutritionist, he cut out sugary snacks and learned to fill his place with steamed vegetables — marrying his new healthy lifestyle with two hours of cardio and strength training five days a week.

For Rachel, Trotman makes a vegetable soup with curry chicken, a recipe he said he only learned to make after getting on his health kick. “I only started cooking in the last two years,” he tells Ray, adding he wanted to take care of what he was putting into his stomach on his own.

To see how Davis and Trotman’s recipes work out, watch clip above and tune into The Rachael Ray Show Friday (check local listings).