The expert colorists and stylists at Rita Hazan Salon in New York City gave these six women the hair of their dreams

By Julie Mazziotta
January 08, 2020 10:44 AM

The six women featured in the 2020 Half Their Size issue have put in serious work to change their health for the better. As a group, along with losing hundreds of pounds they’ve overcome breast and uterine cancer, severe respiratory illness, high blood pressure and a heart attack — plus mental barriers that prevented them from getting healthy in the past.

Now, with those struggles behind them, Laura Calbert, Lindy Cellucci, Marsha Parker, Shawna Tindal, Shelli Johnson and Tina Cole Campbell flew to New York City for their PEOPLE photoshoot, and kicked off the weekend with makeovers at Rita Hazan Salon.

The expert stylists and colorists at Rita Hazan helped each woman get the hair of their dreams — here’s how they did it.

Laura Calbert
| Credit: Julie Mazziotta; Kat Borchart

Calbert, 32, wanted to brighten up her look with a red tint. Her colorist, Carlina Ortega, used a copper red that she left on for a half hour, and then added a toner.

“I put a lighter red on the ends of her hair for a more even color, and added highlights for a pop and some dimension,” Ortega says.

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She then styled Calbert’s hair as well, with a “loose beach wave.”

Lindy Cellucci
| Credit: Julie Mazziotta; Kat Borchart

Cellucci, 60, “does the color herself, which is not a bad thing but it wasn’t consistent through her hair,” says colorist Adrian Wallace. He took down the redness at the roots and made it darker, then added highlights.

Cellucci’s stylist, Pascal Gantois, then shaped her hair.

“I kept everything all spiked and edgy and fun,” he says. “I love leaving her hair short to see her personality.”

Marsha Parker
| Credit: Julie Mazziotta; Kat Borchart

Parker, 41, had the most time-intensive transformation. She wanted to lighten up her locks, so colorist Gio Bargallo balayaged the ends “to make it softer and face-framing,” he says.

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Parker says she’s thrilled with the change.

“I always thought jet black hair would be best for me because of my complexion, but I was totally amazed when Gio finished my hair. I feel like it brightens me up and gives me a fresher look.”

Shawna Tindal
| Credit: Julie Mazziotta; Kat Borchart

The natural blonde, 39, turned it up a notch with the help of Wallace.

“Her natural hair color is pretty and not dark so I was able to do an ombré, very natural looking grow out,” Wallace says. “She likes it light so I made it lighter and more dimensional. It makes it low maintenance.”

Shelli Johnson
| Credit: Julie Mazziotta; Kat Borchart

Johnson, 48, had an overall blonde that needed a refresh.

“It was light all over, and too blonde,” says colorist Carrie McCard. “I used a single process to cover her grays, and lightened it up all over to deepen her blonde.”

Johnson then went to stylist Liam Alexander, who kept her length but cleaned up the ends of her hair.

“I added long layers for movement and shaping around the face,” he says. “It makes it easier to style and work with.”

Tina Cole Campbell

Campbell, 46, had one requirement: that they keep her platinum color. And colorist Raven Idrizi was happy to do it.

“I used a double process to match what she already has and going a little more silver,” Ndreu says. “No highlights, just bleaching it — that’s the only way to get it this light.”

And stylist MJ Ruiz gave Campbell “a modern, edgy look.”

“I gave her lots of texture, lots of edge and a lot of pizazz,” he says. “It’s easy to style.”