Hailey Baldwin Bieber Says Her and Justin Bieber's Health Battles Made Them 'Closer Than Ever'

"The silver lining in the whole situation — what he went through, what I went through — is it really bonds you," she said Wednesday, while giving an update on husband Justin Bieber's health

Hailey Baldwin Bieber and husband Justin Bieber are "closer than ever," she said on Wednesday, after the couple's recent back-to-back health issues.

While doing press for her new skincare line, the 25-year-old model opened up about her stroke and Justin's recent diagnosis with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

"We both are dealing with older illnesses for sure," she joked on Live with Kelly and Ryan, before getting reflective. "Honestly the silver lining in the whole situation — what he went through, what I went through — is it really bonds you. I feel like we're closer than ever. It really brings us close. So I'll take that away from it."

She echoed the sentiment on Good Morning America, adding that having to go through health scares publicly pushed the couple to be open.

"It in a way forces you to have to just be upfront about what's going on so that people understand what you're going through," Hailey said. "I actually think it opened up a lot of really important and amazing conversation."

Justin Bieber; Hailey Bieber
Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Justin, 28, first shared news of his Ramsay Hunt syndrome diagnosis on June 10, telling fans and viewers in an Instagram video that a virus attacking the nerve in his ear and facial nerves is partially paralyzing his face. He's had to postpone multiple shows on his tours, saying it was growing progressively harder for him to eat as the condition affected his ability to blink one of his eyes or move his nostril and smile on one side of his face.

Hailey, meanwhile, suffered health setbacks of her own earlier this year when she was hospitalized after suffering a mini-stroke called Transient Ischemic Attack (or TIA)

"I had a small blood clot that traveled through a hole in my heart that I was born with that never closed, and went to my brain," she said on Live. "I never knew I had the hole in my heart, so it's actually a blessing in disguise because then I discovered that and I had a procedure done to close it. So now I have a device in my heart forever."

"It was the scariest thing I've ever gone through," Hailey recalled. "The biggest thing it affected was my speech, so that was really scary. I knew what I was trying to say but my tongue and my mouth couldn't form the sentences. And I had like, facial drooping for a couple minutes. ... I'm OK now, I feel good. Still trying to give my body time to heal."

As for Justin, he said on Instagram Monday that he's recovering well.

"I'm just grateful that he's fine," Hailey added on GMA. "He is getting better every single day. He is feeling a lot better and obviously it just was a very scary and random situation to happen but he is going to be totally OK."

"He has to give himself time more than anything," she told Live hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa. "He has to do facial exercises just to kind of... he's actually healing very, very quick, so I'm really happy about that."

All in all, Hailey said that the "Baby" singer has received "amazing" support from family, friends and fans.

"Every single person has sent well wishes, advice, recommendations," she shared on GMA. "It's actually been really amazing."

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber attend the 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 03, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Amy Sussman/Getty

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A source told PEOPLE over the weekend that the couple is dealing with a lot, but are by each other's side amid their recent health issues.

"Between Hailey's health scare earlier this year and now this, it's a lot for them. Hailey is worried as well," the insider says. "Just like Justin did everything he could to take care of Hailey, she now does the same for him."

Adds the source: "They are a great team and will get through it together. Justin can't wait to recover and continue working."

Good Morning America and Live with Kelly and Ryan air weekdays on ABC.

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