Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Defends Its Vaginal Jade Eggs and Doctors – and Hits Out At Critics

The lifestyle brand responds to critics in open letter defending their contributing doctors and practices

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Gwyneth Paltrow has ignored criticism of her health advice in the past, and has even poked fun of her Goop Wellness Summit, but now her lifestyle brand is speaking up.

In a post entitled ‘Uncensored: A Word From Our Doctors,’ the site defended some of the unconventional topics they’ve covered and the doctors who have supported them.

“As goop has grown, so has the attention we receive,” began the post. “We consistently find ourselves to be of interest to many—and for that, we are grateful—but we also find that there are third parties who critique goop to leverage that interest and bring attention to themselves. Encouraging discussion of new ideas is certainly one of our goals, but indiscriminate attacks that question the motivation and integrity of the doctors who contribute to the site is not. This is the first in a series of posts revisiting these topics and offering our contributing M.D.’s a chance to articulate theirs, in a respectful and substantive manner.”

The letter continued: “We always welcome conversation. That’s at the core of what we’re trying to do. What we don’t welcome is the idea that questions are not okay. Being dismissive—of discourse, of questions from patients, of practices that women might find empowering or healing, of daring to poke at a long-held belief—seems like the most dangerous practice of all.”

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Speaking about one of Goop’s most polarizing posts – suggesting women insert jade eggs in their vaginas for better sex – the site took aim at a “San Francisco-based OB-GYN/blogger” who wrote a “mocking response” regarding the practice, and in turn, questioned the doctor’s assertions and accused her of “taking advantage of the attention and issuing attacks to build her personal platform.”

Goop, which has advocated for controversial things like vagina steams and wearable healing stickers, suggested that they are simply offering up information, not telling women what to do. “As women, we chafe at the idea that we are not intelligent enough to read something and take what serves us, and leave what does not,” the letter stated. “That’s why we do unfiltered Q&As, so you can hear directly from doctors; we see no reason to interpret or influence what they’re saying, to tell you what to think.”

Goop points out that they feature highly-credentialed physicians, who are “interested in both Western and Eastern modalities.” “While we have earned a reputation for often seeking the alternative, it would be a gross misunderstanding to believe that we reject Western medicine,” stated the letter. “But where we have found our primary place is in addressing people, women in particular, who are tired of feeling less-than-great, who are looking for solutions—these women are not hypochondriacs, and they should not be dismissed or marginalized.”

The letter also featured statements from two regular Goop contributing doctors. One, Dr. Steven Gundry, a cardiologist and autoimmunity expert, defended his credentials and motives against a doctor who had been critical of him and specifically called her out for dropping the “F-bomb” in a “recent diatribe online.”

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In concluding their editor letter goop seemed to take aim at the haters.

“Asking questions is the job of all of us; it is also the job of the doctors and scientists who collectively move our health forward. There is much that we do not know. It is unfortunate that there are some who seem to believe that they already know it all, who pre-judge information before they’ve even taken the time to read or understand it, who believe that there is actually nothing left to learn, who believe that they, singularly, own the truth. That is troubling, and that is dangerous.”

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