Goldie Hawn on the Beauty of Aging: 'It s All About How You Make It'

The 69-year-old actress talks aging, marriage, and more with Porter magazine

Photo: Pamela Hanson/Porter

At 69 years old and a grandmother of five, Goldie Hawn is embracing her golden years with open arms.

“Getting older is a fact of life,” she tells Porter in their June issue. “By living mindfully you understand that there are many transitions in life. You just go through them.”

According to the legendary actress, the key to happiness is all about perspective.

“It’s wonderful to know you’re aging, because that means you’re still on the planet, right?” she jokes.

“It’s all about how you make it. It’s all in your mind.”

Hawn’s Zen attitude on life has helped her sustain one of the longest surviving partnerships between megastars in Hollywood.

On the secret behind her 32-year-old relationship with Kurt Russell, she tells the magazine, “a lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. It’s about compatibility and communication.

“Intention is the key,” Hawn says, adding, “It’s also about not losing yourself in each other. Being together, two pillars holding up the house and the roof, and being different, not having to agree on everything, learning how to deal with not agreeing.”

Agreeing to disagree is a practice she utilizes in her relationship with her daughter, Kate Hudson, as well.

Speaking on the gender wage gap in Hollywood, Hawn – a trailblazer for women in film since the 70’s – says, “I think that Katie [Hudson] deals with that on her level. She s not me.”

The actress says her daughter, “sees things her way, although we agree on a lot of things.”

Porter‘s latest issue hits stands June 5.

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