The Suits star uses exercise as a form of self-care — but also as a way to eat all the bread, butter and rosé that she wants

By Julie Mazziotta
June 11, 2019 10:00 AM

Gina Torres works out for self-care and “strength,” but she also does it for another reason — to eat all of her favorite foods.

The Suits actress, 50, said that she strives for “balance” with her workout routine and her eating habits.

“I work out so I can feel good,” she told Health for its July/August cover. “Sometimes I hit it hard; sometimes it’s just about getting it in. But food? I love food. I like all the no-nos. I love buttery, cinnamony, caramelly, and sometimes lemony things. And I love fried chicken and bacon!”

Torres said that she loves going out to eat with her friends.

“A friend and I were just cackling over our sea bass and butter, bread, and rosé. We were like, ‘We work out so we can eat this!’ ” she said.

Gina Torres
Nino Munoz

Torres, who will take on a starring role on the new USA show Pearson in July, said her other workout goal is to build muscle.

“With working out, it’s about strength — being able to run up the stairs and just feeling like I can get myself out of a situation,” she said. “I always want to come from a place of power, and of knowing my body. The fringe benefit of that is that I look great in some clothes … and am fit for life.”

Gina Torres
Nino Munoz

The mom to 12-year-old Delilah said that working out is “absolutely” a form of self-care for her, she often goes for a different option.

“Sometimes it’s sleeping in and having a doughnut, or three, and some chocolate milk,” she said.

Nino Munoz

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But in either form, Torres makes self-care a priority.

“Emotional health is very important — especially when you’ve joined the circus, like I have,” she said of her life in Hollywood. “You need to take a breath and to take time away.”

Gina Torres
Nino Munoz

However, you won’t see Torres going for a massage any time soon.

“I’m not about a spa day,” she said. “God bless all the people that have given me spa gift certificates because they’re stacked in my office drawer. I love a staycation. I like the quiet and being with my own thoughts and watching a movie and recharging. It’s good for your mental health to leave the world out there for a minute and just keep quiet.”