Gina Rodriguez Would Rather Not Be Overly Photoshopped: 'Let Me Keep My Curves'

Gina Rodriguez says she prefers when photos show her natural figure and birthmark rather than a Photoshopped version of her body

Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Gina Rodriguez is speaking out against excessive Photoshopping and filtering.

“This day and age of Photoshopping and transforming oneself and filtering and filtering and filtering, it really feels good when a photo can capture my heart, my body, my spirit, without having to gloss over it,” the Jane the Virgin star, 32, tells Women’s Health in the October issue.

“Let me keep my curves, my birthmark,” she continues. “I want to look like myself.”

Rodriguez also spoke about the importance of self-love, especially in a society that can be extremely judgmental.

“People will say you are not attractive,” she says. “People will say you are not skinny enough, not tall enough, not thick enough, not curvy enough, not white enough, not brown enough, not this enough. Well, I really hope you don’t feel that way about yourself, because then we’re all screwed.”

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Part of loving yourself is not comparing yourself to others, says the actress.

“Don’t compare yourself to anyone because no one is in your race,” says Rodriguez. “Stay in your lane, and do you.”

“We all want love, we want acceptance, we all want to be healthy, to have a family, and be successful,” she continues. “Yet we act like we don’t. We act like our separation of culture, our separation of color, makes us different. But we all want the same damn things.”

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