Gillian Anderson Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors, Says Claims Are 'B-------'

The X-Files actress, 47, says she s aged naturally

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Gillian Anderson says there’s no such thing as the BotoX-Files.

The X-Files actress, 47, responded on Facebook to The Daily Mail‘s claims that she has had plastic surgery and Botox. The publication suggests she has had work done to her forehead, eyes, neck, cheeks, nose, lips and chin.

“If it weren’t so sad, this bollocks would have made my day,” she wrote, following up the next day with a natural-looking photo.

“This is how I really look! #agingwithoutshame,” she wrote in the caption.

The actress was called “ageless” by the Mail for her youthful appearance in the X-Files revival, where she revisits her seminal role of Dana Scully. Anderson has said it was hard to jump back into the role she first began at 25-years-old.

“I struggled in the first week. I was trying to find the Scully of the past, rather than accepting time had passed. She and Mulder aren’t together and she’s carved out a world for herself, in medicine, working with a particular disease, with children, assisting surgeons,” Anderson said earlier this year. “You get the sense that she goes to work, she goes to her apartment, and that’s her life. There is something missing and, of course, the thing that’s missing is Mulder.”

The series ran from 1993-2002, though viewers got to check in on Mulder and Scully in the 2008 film The X-Files: I Want to Believe.

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