Gigi Hadid's boxing workout left one PEOPLE reporter in a full-body sweat

Credit: Gigi Hadid/Instagram

What Is It: Gotham G-Box is an hour-long group boxing class in a real boxing ring. Gigi Hadid’s trainer Rob Piela, the founder and creator of Gotham gym, partnered with WellPath to open the Manhattan boxing studio

Who Tried It: Jessica Fecteau, PEOPLE Writer/Reporter

Level of Difficulty: 7 (on a scale from 1 to 10) — I left in a full-body sweat!

Not only do I wish daily for Gigi Hadid‘s abs (and shiny hair, and perfect skin, and designer clothes), I’ve also always wanted to try a real boxing class — not just randomly punching at the bag hanging in my gym. So when I was invited to try the boxing class that the Gigi Hadid does to get her perfect everything, I immediately accepted.

Credit: Gotham G-Box

Once I got myself to the gym, there was no turning back — I am now Gigi Hadid and I am going to kill this workout (if I can figure out how to get these gloves on).

I met the trainer and his assistant who were both so kind and funny that I wanted to ask them to be my new best friends by the end. Friendships aside, we stepped into the ring and got to work — first starting out with warmups like high knees and lunges to get our blood flowing.

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After about 10 minutes, we paired off and one person put on the gloves while another held up the blocking pad. The classes consist of 16 people, and this allows the trainers to work individually with each client to help them master their technique, according to Piela. The instructor carefully walked us through how to perform each punch and then we followed suit with our partners, doing each move for a few minutes. I first blocked for my partner — which proved to be an arm workout in itself. After a few rounds of blocking and laughing off our poor coordination, we switched and I wore the gloves while she blocked.

Piela says the boxing technique gets tons of different muscles going at once.

“Combining all the fundamentals of a boxing workout with intermittent bursts of calisthenic moves and high-intensity cardio creates optimal calorie and fat burn and builds lean muscle effectively and safely,” Piela tells PEOPLE.

Credit: Gotham G-Box

The punching was by far the best part (oh, and the epic playlist of kick-butt songs like Eye of the Tiger). It felt like I was releasing all my stress through my punches and it was the most invigorating and satisfying combination of uppercuts, hooks and jabs — all given attention and tuning by the instructor so I knew I was actually working the right muscles.

Piela, who sees a lot of model clients come to his gym, says it’s a great workout because it’s not a typical class.

“We pride ourselves on the high-energy group environment at Gotham G-BOX, which we know most clients find helps the class fly by,” he says.

We finished the class with a 5-minute ab session on the floor of the ring and then stretched.

The workout was tough, and I mostly felt sore in my legs the next day and in my forearms. Ahh, the feeling of nice, sore muscles from a good workout.

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The Verdict: Can I do this every day?! I left feeling like I just beat up a bunch of bad guys and got the best full-body workout ever.